FOWC with Fandango — Factor So my test results came back. After I did a full translation of virtually every word in the report -- I'm pretty good with medicalese, but this was way above my pay grade -- I discovered that considering my age and stage of life, I've got functional, but not perfect arteries. … Continue reading FACTORING IN THE TEST RESULTS – Marilyn Armstrong

FINAL ENDINGS – Marilyn Armstrong

A Photo a Week Challenge: Endings There are endings ... and then there are final endings. This particular cemetery is in the middle of town, right across from the waterfall. It predates the Revolutionary War and many soldiers through World War I are buried there. Our Commons is also full of memorials to those who died … Continue reading FINAL ENDINGS – Marilyn Armstrong

THE LAST SUNNY DAY IN UXBRIDGE – Marilyn and Garry Armstrong

Photography: Garry Armstrong Is it really the last sunny day? I don't think so, but it's the last one until sometime next week.  At least it wasn't bitterly cold and it only rained for part of the day. That's good, right? I am sure the sun will return. I can only wonder when that will … Continue reading THE LAST SUNNY DAY IN UXBRIDGE – Marilyn and Garry Armstrong


FOTD – May 25, 2019 – Rhododendron We have Rhododendrons. They were growing here when we moved in. A lot of them died during the very cold, wet, windy winter, but some of those I was sure were completely defunct are coming back. Partly. New blooms at the end of what appear to be dead stalks … Continue reading WHITE RHODODENDRONS – Marilyn Armstrong