COLUMBINE, THE FLOWER – Marilyn Armstrong

Columbine – FOTD – May 26, 2019

Between a few days ago and today, the Columbine bloomed — and started to die. I mean literally, two days. It usually hangs around for a while, but we seem to be hurrying into summer. It seems to be that when spring comes late, the garden starts to hurry towards summer, skipping the usual pieces.

It still has buds so maybe ….
Columbine along the fence

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

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18 thoughts on “COLUMBINE, THE FLOWER – Marilyn Armstrong”

  1. One of my all time favourite, modest and yet so powerful in it’s unfolding of colours, perfumes, re-inventing themselves, glory on a small scale and a sign of nature’s gift.

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      1. Sadly, not where I live – I only ever had them in abundance when I lived in Devon, UK. They choose NOT to grow in Switzerland, nor France and they need perfect conditions which you have – shady, soil damp, they grow next to walls, trees, and they are maybe sturdy, in your surroundings, but are far too delicate in places where it is windy, hot, droughty. So SADLY, they are out of my league. Enjoy them for me too, please


  2. I had columbines blooming for several years (I had planted them). Then last year they did not appear – just some leaves, no flowers. And now, they are back! In a couple of days they should be at full flower – I hope they don’t die quickly!


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