I thought everyone was going to get tired of birds. Honestly, I thought I would get tired of the birds, but it turns out, I  find them beautiful and love having them around.

I yell at the squirrels, but I don’t mind them having a piece of the buffet. I would just prefer they not eat all of it every single day. I have switched to cheaper feed. I really couldn’t keep up the high-class buffet with such massive eating going on!

The trouble is, our squirrels are becoming less and less afraid of me. Now I have to make loud noises or they just sit there and stare back at me and I swear they are saying, “Oh yeah? And what’re you gonna do about it?”

Truthfully, not much. Make more noise? Wave the broom at them? Or, we could train them to be better trained members of our burgeoning household.

The brightest Cardinal in our garden

Mrs. Cardinal is flirting with me


Cowbird and Cardinal — sharing the feeder

One more Cardinal and Cowbird. The Cowbirds are not easily frightened. Only the big woodpecker -with that long beak who pecked him in the head — that got his attention

That is a beak and a half and that is also a rather large woodpecker

25 thoughts on “MORE BIRDS – MR. AND MRS. CARDINAL WITH COWBIRDS – Marilyn Armstrong

  1. You DO have the most amazing array of wonderful, colourful birds – I would never get tired of watching them. And I was the one always taking the Mickey out of our English friends with their birdspotting, huge lenses on their cameras, bird books under their arm! I now see the attraction, thanks to your display.
    For or rather, against the squirrels I’d buy a shrill whistle. Just put the dogs in a sound proof room first! 😉

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  2. Like the pictures. Especially the cardinals. There some in my yard, maybe the same couple that keeps coming back.

    I had a bird feeder for a while and fought to keep the squirrels out. I like squirrels in my yard under in on the trees but not eating the bird feed. I kept moving the feeder away from tree limbs but found it amazing how far those little things can jump.

    Then I had a dogwood too close to the house and they would jump to the roof and run around. I started trimming the branches back but they kept jumping on the roof. I finally cut the tree completely down. No more squirrels on roof.
    I like squirrels on the ground and in the trees. Nor eating bird food from feeders or on the roof.

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  3. I think there’s a better chance the squirrels train you than you training them. They might even train the dawgs how to get more treats if they had a chance… maybe form a kind of unholy alliance out to get all of the good stuff they can beg for.

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    • I let them eat in the morning. This morning when I came out to the kitchen earlier than usual (I was thirsty), there were four of them — three on the deck and one wrapped around the feeder. Meanwhile, the cowbirds who aren’t apparently afraid of anything except that woodpecker were casually eating from the flat feeder. The dynamics are — to say the least — entertaining.


    • Hey, Evil! Your cuz and crew better head for the border before the wall is built. They have plenty of time.


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