SMALL SUBJECTS – Marilyn Armstrong

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Small Subjects

This reminds me of a very (VERY) old joke I first heard as a little kid, maybe five or six.

“A big elephant is big and a little elephant is small. A big fly is big and a little fly is small. Therefore, a big fly is bigger than a small elephant.” This was the ultimate definition of a syllogism, at least for a first grader.

So small. How small?

These are Native American fetishes — very small ones. I do have bigger ones, but you asked for small and small you are getting!

ALL of these fetishes will fit comfortably in one of my hands. They are absolutely guaranteed — SMALL.

The healing bear and the ram

Standing Wolf

Black and white married wolves

14 thoughts on “SMALL SUBJECTS – Marilyn Armstrong

    • The wolves and bears are my favorites. I lost a couple of bears which fell out of the cabinet and shattered. They were lovely. I have more, but the light was fading and I did what I could. I used to own lights. I’m sorry I gave them up, though they did take up an awful lot of space.


  1. I’ve been down to sub-atomic levels recently.

    Humans don’t do ‘small’ all that well, i find.

    ( I can’t think of all that much we do do well? How about you?) 😉


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