Weekly Photo Challenge: Give us a Smile

Smiling pictures? I’d like to say it’s a specialty, but to be fair, birds, dogs, and squirrels aren’t big smilers. Since they constitute the majority of my pictures, I have to resort to (gasp!) pictures of people. In this case, my husband Garry — who smiles only slightly more often than the dogs.

Actually, Duke is a pretty good smiler — for a dog!

We thought the Sox were going to play a bit better, but they are perking up. So let’s smile!

Doctor and patient smiling. Hint: the doctor is wearing white.

Duke makes him laugh. Eventually.

Garry and Harvey Leonard, with a smile!

33 thoughts on “SMILING WEEKLY PHOTO CHALLENGE – Marilyn Armstrong

  1. I have what I term “70s teeth” and that means they are discolored, uneven, gappy and not that pleasant to gaze upon. I REFUSE (partially because I dislike going to the dentist) to get them fixed up into some version of fashionable for today’s society. So I rarely smile open mouthed. I’m always being asked why I don’t smile more too. So it’s refreshing to see someone who (apparently) enjoys smiling and grinning etc. Thanks for sharing some fun pictures! πŸ™‚ <—– my version of a smile..

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    • Melanie. Thinking of Nat King Cole singing “Smile” over film of same name. It’s about beauty contests with Bruce Dern starring. No, Bruce is not a model.

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      • I’ll have to look that one up and watch it. I have Amazon Prime (for now, I don’t know if I’m going to continue with them because of all the stupid ‘hidden fees and charges” and their video library is pretty extensive. And you can (theoretically) view those films for free (not the brand new ones obviously, but you can see THOSE at a substantially reduced fee). I often am struck by some older films (the ones from the 70s especially) where the actors were focused on the quality of their performance and everyone didn’t have these unrealistically perfect smiles with white even teeth.

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  2. Garry has a lovely smile! Great photos, Marilyn, and they all capture the moment perfectly.

    And a P.S. apology here: please forgive me for going a bit quiet over the next few weeks, but I’m now on the final hard slog to my all-important exam in a few weeks. I’ve got masses of revision to do, so the blogging is going to have to take a back seat for a bit while I try to get up to speed on all I’ve studied since October. I’m sure you know how it is. As for my own blog, I’ll try to get out at least one post before the exam, but we’ll see how it goes. However, rest assured that after my exam on 14th June I’ll be back to enjoy your excellent posts and to prepare for my great Welsh Castle Wander in July. I hope you’re still enjoying good weather, and looking forward to more great pics and posts. πŸ™‚

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  3. If it makes things any easier, I have to tell my darling Hero Husband (far!) too often to smile a bit more….. Last time was yesterday afternoon! He has inherited from his father to always press his lips together and he really looks like a bully bulldog when he does that. And he is so lovely when he smiles…… sigh!

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    • Garry has a top-notch TV smile, but he doesn’t just smile when he meets people. I do because I didn’t spend 40 plus years in front of a camera. To get him to smile on purpose, I have to stand there and say all kinds of weird stuff until finally, he cracks a smile.

      Julie Andrews said (it was a TV interview) that NO ONE can say “MONEY” without smiling.

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    • Kiki, sounds like your husband and I may be kindred spirits. I’m like my Dad. He was a very handsome guy and when he smiled — WOW — the room lit up. Alas, he reserved his smile for visitors. Dad would dazzle my girl friends who would look at me with that “what happened to you?” look.
      Let a smile be your umbrella.

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      • Oh Garry, how I love that last sentence! It IS…. Merci – my (nearly) only beef with his rare smile is that everybody else thinks he’s really the bees’ knees when he lits up his face but I see it only upon request, most of the time. You too should work on it!!!! It can be done and is so worth it! You even need less muscles to smile than to frown. Sending you an extra smile πŸ™‚

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        • Hey, Kiki. Can you send pics of yourself and your hubby? As mentioned, I used to know another Kiki. So, I’m just a bit curious. Thank you!


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