SQUIRREL DU JOUR – Marilyn Armstrong

The little squirrel that seems to live on our deck (I found him lying on the deck sunning himself yesterday) is not afraid of me. Or the dogs. Or Garry.

I know he’s a baby because he’s about half the size of a normal adult squirrel. I bet he’s one of the offspring of the other big feeders. As he was growing up, mom told him where to go to get his meals.

He hangs on the feeder or does a wild swing on the flat feeder. He’s too short to quite hop into the flat feeder like the bigger squirrels do, so he has to take a long leap. The wild swings of the feeder as he enters and exits make it really obvious who has been by.

He’s a very cute little thing. I’m often torn between letting him eat so I can get some more pictures, or asking him politely (I always say “Please” when I discuss his visits with him) to move on.

He doesn’t really leave. He just hangs around on the stairs, or right under the deck until he thinks I’m gone, then he is right back up.

Garry says they have a whole station set up right under the deck. This does not surprise me. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were using drones to check for fresh food.

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19 replies

  1. 😉 (but what a cutie!)


  2. Judging from the looks of that last picture, I think he’s already declared the entire feeder to be his. Squirrels have surprisingly effective eminent domain powers…


  3. He’s cute! Lovely photo’s!


  4. Those are great pictures! Chipmunk face too cute!


  5. You’ll have to name him “Napoleon”. He’s a strategist.


  6. He is so cute and clever


  7. I think all squirrels are cute but young ones especially so. I’ve only seen a squirrel once when we were on holiday in England, in York I think. Your young chap looks like he’s decided to just doze on the feeder to save time.


  8. He is adorable. Did I hear him say, “Hi, Mom!” in that last photo? 😀

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