14 thoughts on “WEEKLY WHITE – Marilyn Armstrong

          • Yes, a really long time. Been busy, still repairing the house after the ceiling flood 2 yrs. ago. Doing most of it myself since hubby’s back limits his helpfulness. Learning to be a little more patient with myself and my own body’s limitations. Patience has always been a very hard lesson for me!

            I’m so glad to see you still here in cyberspace! Hoping to catch up on all your posts in the next few weeks when the weather starts being too hot for me to work outside. Still have to finish laying the flower bed borders, trimming some tree branches before sheltering indoors for the summer. That’s when I’ll get back to working on my ceiling & wall repairs. Hoping very much to have the ceilings and walls painted before Christmas. And, if I can hope for a miracle, maybe even have the flooring installed!

            Stay sane! The world need more sanity! 😀


            • Our house is busy crumbling faster than we can fix it. We don’t have enough money to do the work and I don’t see the money every appearing. I’m trying to be more pragmatic about it, but it’s so worrisome and sometimes, scary. I can’t give up … because there’s nothing to give up TO. We have nowhere to go, nowhere remaining to retreat. So I’m trying to not brood about it.


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