FOWC with Fandango — Dabble

We are still in Connecticut and I still have remarkably little energy for writing — or even looking at pictures right now. I REALLY needed that break. I was going to dabble a bit this morning — maybe actually looking at my email or answering comments, but I needed this time off badly. So … I’m still on vacation, a much needed albeit short vacation.

We didn’t get out to sea yesterday. Sea was running at two feet which is not comfortable for just sailing around. So we hung around the marina and talked.

For Garry, who has had a really hard time over the years having conversations can now actually sit around and talk. He can’t hear ME at home but I notice Tom can’t hear Ellin either, so this much be a married person issue.

All the quibbling over “I don’t WANT to cook and did you take out the trash” is what keeps life going. Also, watching all six episodes (it’s on Prime Video) of “Good Omens” is definitely worth it, especially if you read the book. A lot of the episodes basically take the dialogue straight out of the book onto the screen. Scriptwriter was the co-writer of the original book Neil Gaiman. Pity Terry Pratchett is gone, but you could feel his presence, especially in the character of Death.

21 thoughts on “DABBLING IN CONNECTICUT – Marilyn Armstrong

  1. Yes, not hearing what wife says IS generally a marital problem.
    Or, it’s just plain ‘not wanting to understand’. I just now explained to HH where he can find his heavy gardening gloves and would he PLEASE change his clothes for the ‘gardening clothes’ and his reaction was: I couldn’t find gloves and don’t want to change – WE HAVE A MARRIAGE PROBLEM, YOU ARE ALWAYS CRITIZISING ME….
    He came back from a meeting in Paris. I’m sitting here with trembling hands and arms, from washing, drying, gardening, planting, ripping out weeds and carrying planters far too heavy for me to handle…
    I’m gonna have a drink now – and read a bit in my follwed-from-afar blogs!

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        • The ‘touchier’ one is, the quicker he (mostly it’s the ‘he’s’) is flying off the handle. And the harder they hit; because they don’t see anything as a ‘discussion’, everything is an insult, we touch their innermost being and they are messed up from early childhood. But taking it in on a daily basis is wearing – I’m not a saint myself!


  2. Started watching Good Omens – quite impressed so far after one episode. I love TP but have never read that book – I’m more of a Discworld fan. I’ve almost finished re-reading ‘the colour of Magic’ on my Kindle -just as funny as I remember.

    Glad to hear you’re enjoying/enjoyed your trip.

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  3. John does not hear me sometimes, especially when texting friends. I really don’t want to cook either but sometimes I must. Both of us prefer to do the dishes because the other guy sucks at it…just saying. I should come out your way. I can probably get a good rate through Montreal since I am working for Air Canada.

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