You sure wouldn’t know it by what’s on television.

Not a single movie, documentary or anything. We watched “Oh, What a Lovely War” with a chaser of “The Americanization of Emily.” Garry scoured the listings, but no channel is showing anything related to D-Day.

Not like there aren’t plenty of movies and documentaries from which to choose. So, have we forgotten? Call me weird, but I think this is a day to remember. Always.

Here I am, cynical, skeptical and nobody’s flag-waver reminding everyone that this day was important. It was the beginning of the final stage of the most devastating war in remembered history.

The summary of loss of life, 1937-1945:

    • Military deaths: More than 16,000,000
    • Civilian deaths: More than 45,000,000
    • Total deaths for the war years 1937-1945: More than 61,000,000

I don’t think we should be allowed to forget so quickly, do you?

European border before the first World War
Europe just after WW 2
Europe-circa 1970

Because when we forget, when the lessons we learned are lost. We stand in imminent danger of repeating history. I, for one, think that’s a bad idea. Oh, wait … we ARE in the middle of repeating history.

Lest we forget … this is how it all began. With a world just like the one in which we are living. Today. With leaders who think war is a fine idea.

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Opinionated writer with hopes for a better future for all plus a big helping of cynicism.

16 thoughts on “TODAY IS THE 75TH ANNIVERSARY OF D-DAY – Marilyn Armstrong”

  1. We went to Normandy – some years ago – and spent a very long time at the cemeteries and those long, long walls of rememberance. VERY sobering, impressive and walking along those endless rows upon rows of graves to unknown soldiers brought home a tremendous thankfulness for being Swiss, not having had to serve in any war, being able to say and think at liberty…. These days never ever should be forgotten or ignored.

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    1. Kiki, I wanted to cover the 50th anniversary of D-Day in Normandy. Alas, my Boss nixed my request, choosing a more favored colleague. Yes, I was very angry but — it was as they say, “Just show biz” — nothing personal.

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    2. These days are enough to make anyone worried about a free future. I’m still baffled as to how we wound up here. I can really say “I didn’t vote for any of those weirdos.” That’s not much, I admit, but it’s all I have to work with.

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      1. Marilyn, I don’t think we had any local D-Day events. At least, none I’m aware of. I’m guessing the taverns were full of guys rehashing their heroics. “Cocktail time heroes” as the Pol admitted in “Seven Days In May”.
        There are some flag displays at key places around town. We’ll take some pics, eh?


  2. It’s odd too because here at least there were a lot of films and docos about WWI for the whole period from 2014-18. I hadn’t checked to see what was on this week relating to D Day. At least one TV station used to show “The Longest Day” every year. Now I watch almost no live TV so I have no idea. Although Americans were a big part of the D Day landings and the latter part of the war in Europe maybe people in the USA recall the Pacific war more?

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      1. Thank goodness for cable and the likes of TCM. They have “The Longest Day” and a plethora of war classics, including WW2 and Vietnam War vets — commenting on the real and reel events. Interestingly, A D-Day Vet on TCM says “The Longest Day” gets high grades from those who served. They usually stay clear of John Wayne.


    1. Mrs. Swiss, I guess “never forget” comes naturally over there.
      Unfortunately, some folks over here confuse WW2 with WW1 and the Civil War. Sad but true. During my sub teaching days, some history students thought I covered WW2 as well as the Vietnam War. Well, their books were old and probably rarely read. Still…..
      During the 80’s, I used to socialize with some gentlemen who were D-Day Vets. I absorbed all their stories, fascinated at how they survived that ordeal. The Vets knew of my (brief) USMC service and “adopted” me. I was immensely flattered.

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      1. WRONG, Darryl Zanuck-Breath! TCM has a lineup of “The Longest Day”, “The Steel Helmet”, “Dunkirk” (the old B&W John Mills version), “Attack”, “Battleground” and more. I’m still sloggin’ through “The Longest Day”. Can’t make it through comletely as my bed time movie. Curt Jurgens is still trying to get Hitler to send help for the invasion the Fuhrer and his disciples don’t believe is reality. The House Painter is dreaming Brahm’s lullaby fantasies.


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