Fandango’s Provocative Question #26

Like many people, I’ve seen stuff in the sky. Sometimes, I’m sure it’s just some new piece of equipment the military is testing … but not always. So this is a really good question:

“Do you believe that there is a perfectly reasonable explanation for these sightings, like unannounced or unauthorized drone flights or space junk falling back into the atmosphere, or do you think that the objects these pilots saw were actual UFOs?”

So there I was standing on my back deck looking vaguely upwards and something really HUGE stopped right overhead. Stopped. And didn’t appear to move. It was big, with a lot of lights and I watched it for at least ten minutes before it moved on. It probably was moving, but so was the earth so it appeared to be still in the sky.

I went back inside and called NASA’s  number on which you can ask: “What is that big thing in the sky?”

It was 2009, so it was probably this version of the space lab.

They asked me where I lived. I told them. They said, “It’s the space lab, and it’s directly over Uxbridge. Right over your head.”

“It’s so big!” I commented. I hadn’t realized the lab was so close to the earth. I suppose I had images of it circling nearer the moon. It looked like it might decide to land at Logan Airport.

As seen over Arizona or …

It could have been this one

Then there was a wedge-shaped plane we saw in the sky in Arizona. I was sure it was some kind of military test aircraft. Recently, they unveiled it. By which time everyone in Arizona had a really good look at it.

On the other hand, there were those flying lights in the sky that were not meteors,  helicopters, or airplanes. I saw them. Garry saw them. Several of my friends saw them. No one has given me an explanation that makes sense. Maybe there is an explanation, but I haven’t heard it. (No, they were NOT weather balloons!)

Did they drop out of the sky and kidnap us? Nope. Just a lot of dashing “sky flyers” lit with various colors. Pretty. Odd. What was that? Something military? Entertainment from the heavens?

Do I think there’s intelligent life elsewhere? Probably.

Where? No idea. But we exist, so why should we be the only ones in this gigantic universe? Will we ever meet the “others”? Maybe yes, maybe no. If they aren’t even in this galaxy and are on some planet millions of light-years away, the odds do not favor a close encounter. Not to mention someone (Star Trek?) would have to be out there looking for them … or they would have to be looking for us.

So I’m not expecting to meet any space aliens in this life, but assuming humans continue to survive the garbage pit they are making out of this earth, maybe they will.

Or maybe not.

28 thoughts on “FANDANGO’S PROVOCATIVE QUESTION #26 – Marilyn Armstrong

  1. They might well fly by take one look at our shenanigans, say…. ‘No way’ and fly off to warn others to stay away from ‘that crazy blue speck out on one of the arms of Galaxy %*&@<‘ (approximate translation).
    Later interludes could involve the one adolescent communicating with another
    ‘Can’t come due. Like I’m grounded, for taking the old man’s brand new FTL Ultra-Drive near Crazy-Blue. Yeah I know due, like bummer-central’
    While at the nearest Interstellar Police Station:
    ‘Damn kids and their stupid dares! Now I gotta write up another kerfangling report, when I should be out there chasing inter-stel smugglers!’
    You never know


  2. I’ve seen what almost HAD to be “UFOs” twice in my life, once with a witness who saw the same thing as I did. It moved too fast to be an earth ship or anything of the era (1980s) and my witness is now dead. She totally BELIEVED though. The other time was with hubby, and hubby was pretty left brained and didn’t believe it was a UFO. It moved too oddly to be an earth ship though, it was the wrong shape for a weather balloon, and well who knows? I SUSPECT, but I also live in Utah. We’re known to be gullible.


    • I know other people who I trust who have seen similar things. Were they “manned” ships or inter-galactic drones? Or something else? There WAS something there and it wasn’t military, ours or anyone else’s. Assuming we — this planet — is on some other planet’s radar — they don’t seem all that eager to drop by and say “hello.” And who can blame them?


  3. I’ve always thought that we would be pretty arrogant to assume we were the only life in the universe. There has to be more but like you, I don’t expect to be around when we find them or they show themselves to us. Of course, it is also possible that we might never meet them because they may be too physically different from us to survive in our atmosphere. “It’s life Jim, but not as we know it.”


  4. I’ve seen lights streak across the sky and assumed they were shooting stars, but I’ve never seen anything other than a helicopter hovering directly overhead. In any event, like you, I think the odds are there are other forms of intelligent life “out there,” but I also thing the odds are, particularly at my age, that I will never be introduced to any of them.

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  5. When I was a kid I saw an SR-71 do a low, slow pass over Cleveland (I was in the country 40 miles away, but it passed directly overhead) – it was the first time the world knew it existed and they did a cross country trip with it – 2 trips, for the one broke the speed records. To a kid, that big black jet flying low and “slow” (200+ mph) was like seeing The Next Generation starship!

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    • It still — with some upgrades IS this generation’s starship, not counting actual spaceships. The one we saw over Arizona — give the size and breadth of their airbases out there — just HAS to be a new military aircraft. They did “announce it” some months ago, but I don’t know yet if it is in production or just a really good idea. Their other wedge-shaped stealth bomber has been upgraded and is still considered the king of that mountain.

      But having the Space Lab directly over Uxbridge, even at 65, was very cool.

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      • Out that part of the country I’m sure what you saw was the next generation coming in. As to the space station, there is a tracker on the NASA site and you can plan to see it when it is lose. I ahven’t done it, though I did see it (not directly overhead, but still cool).


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