BRING BACK THE GAP – Marilyn Armstrong

FOWC with Fandango — Gap

The Gap had the best jeans ever. Although I loved the cut of the button-down version, sometimes one didn’t have the time to hustle the buttons, so I generally had to settle for zippers.

Zippers are quicker.

They have been in the process of closing many (in some areas, almost all ) of The Gaps.

Not that I could afford them since I stopped working. They used to have sales, so their $60 (probably now $90) jeans dropped by as much as 75% and I would load up until the next sale. They were not only attractive, but it was good, soft, solid denim. The shops were a bit erratic. You never knew if they were going to have your style or size.

Still, it was good knowing they were there. Just in case I or someone I knew  (like Garry or Owen) decided to go and buy good jeans to last a lifetime. I remember one of Owen’s birthdays, I took him to the Gap and bought him a couple of pair of jeans, a great denim jacket, and a few cool shirts.

Plus one hoodie which I seem to have inherited. It’s just worn out enough to be the perfect Gap hoodie. And it’s got to be at least 20 years old … and it’s still got another ten or twenty years in it. That is the joy of quality. As long as you don’t change sizes, the clothing lasts forever.

This is probably why Garry has so much clothing. He can still wear his dress Marine Corp clothing from when he was 17. I think I hate him.

Now, it’s all “Old Navy” which is going independent and of course, the wildly overpriced “Banana Republic.” Although these three companies produce essentially the same stuff, it’s not exactly the same product. There are quality and style differences.

Old Navy is okay, but they don’t have the range of sizes the Gap had. The jeans are thinner and frankly, Wranglers look at least as good. Often better. They certainly wear better. Old Navy is also weak on styles anyone older than 18 would wear.

I could never afford The Banana Republic, even when I was working. Though these days, it’s hard to know if that is the name of a store or the name of the country in which I live.

Bring back The Gap!

I need those boot-cut button-fly jeans! Or maybe not. Are they elastic?

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22 replies

  1. I didn’t expect THIS to ‘work’ with the word GAP…. 😉


  2. nice having pants!
    especially if they
    fit 🙂


  3. I wear only Levi jeans and I buy them on Amazon and have them shipped right to my door. So much better than going out and shopping.


    • As long as you know your style and size, shopping online is great. I used to know my size for Lands End and Levis, but they keep changing women’s sizes so these days, I’m never sure. But I have so much clothing, I think I may never run out of anything except underwear.

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  4. I have probably enough comfort trousers to last. I only wear them when I go public, otherwise at home its the home dress, comfortable wear. We had a good store in the local town catering for my size but they closed because no-one bothered to go and buy. It is now all online it seems. The stores you mention are unknow here.


    • You’ve probably got — or had — the equivalent. But you know, I’ve been thinking about it. I remember in those last ten years before online shopping came into full flower, you’d go into a nice shop — and there was no one to help you. Half the cash registers were closed. There was no one to help you find the right size or get you a different size and shopping went from being fun to being just more work.

      By the time online shopping became available, most of the brick-and-mortar stores had done themselves in. They treated customers like WordPress treats us … and the results were just what you’d expect. Instead of fighting for a parking space and wandering all over the store trying first to find the right department and THEN to find a cash register, you could just order and send back stuff you didn’t like. And they had started to charge customers for parking, too. And of course, LOTS of taxes.

      It wasn’t just the internet. It was the attitude of the stores themselves. They decided they “owned” their customers and we’d show up anyway, no matter how bad their service was. And then — what a shock! — we had a choice and we didn’t show up anymore.

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        • This was especially aggravating in what was supposed to be “classy” shops. What was the point if there weren’t any service people there? They decided to save money by not bothering to hire people and they got what they didn’t pay for.


      • Yes, that’s true. Shops started stocking less of what I wanted a long time before I started to buy most things online. In Hobart, a small city, there was never as much choice but I still chose to visit the shops for clothes and shoes but it started to seem as if all the stores had the same thing and if you didn’t like it bad luck.
        Our Op Shop is probably one of the busiest shops in Geeveston. We make sure that what goes on the racks is in good condition and we do get some very nice stuff sometimes. Plus we are cheaper than even the Salvos and the other charity shops.


        • A good second-hand store has always offered a better QUALITY of stuff than most shops. It may not be the most fashionable clothing, but then again, this is Uxbridge. Fashion? Not our thing.

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          • Exactly if it has been well looked after at least you know it will wash well by the time it reaches the second hand market. Fashion is not a thing around here either, comfortable clothing and some acceptable work wear is what most people look for. Funnily enough it’s often some of the real oddball pieces of clothing that sell quickly. Not sure what that says about our town. 🙂


  5. Being a ‘plus size’ woman, it was difficult for me to shop at stores such as the Gap, although I agree fully with you on their quality. My latest purchases of all things jeans has been on-line (which is dodgy…the price is certainly right, but what you might get might surprise you) or at Shopko tm, another victim of our failing economy. ALL the Shopkos for miles around (and maybe in the entire state of Utah have closed. Permanently. Someone told me they had gone into bankruptcy. Sad. For the workers AND the consumers. I’m left with Wal*Mart (refuse to go THERE, their quality sucks rocks) or the local thrift shop. I’ve found some very good ‘used’ jeans that fit me at the thrift shop and the price is right. I think that’s where I’ll do my clothes shopping, because quality appears to have flown right out the window elsewhere. Even if you pay a lot.


  6. Now it’s yoga pants, right?


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