Why is my computer freezing and sending me blue screens? I guess I should run some system diagnostics. I ran them recently and I was assured everything is hunky dory.

If it’s so hunky and dory, why does it keep freezing?



No, Marilyn! You cannot run diagnostics while surfing.  Bad Marilyn.


No. You must not check email. Okay, check it, but don’t send anything. Shoot. Frozen again.


Why is it prompting me to update the drivers I just updated? Should I do it again? Nah. Waste of time.


Why is Dell installing the software again? This is the fifth time. It’s installed. Geez. It’s just doing this to aggravate me.


I need lunch. Afraid to leave the computer. Who knows what mischief it might get into?


Bathroom, I don’t care what’s going on. I gotta go NOW. Computer? Sit! Stay! Don’t do anything while I’m gone.


I guess no matter how boring it is, I should NOT play Bridge while running diagnostics.


I suppose this means running diagnostics is not a perfect opportunity to thoroughly clean the keyboard.


My system is fine. Absolutely nothing wrong. So what’s with all those Blue Screens of Death referencing my video card? Let’s stress test the video card.


This is more boring than watching paint dry. Are we there yet?



Everything is freaking fine. I’ll tell myself that the next time it locks up. Thanks for nothing. Another afternoon I can never get back.


It turns out that the fancy sound I use is part of the video card. This is the “fancy” sound most people only use when they are playing video games. I use it all the time because the sound is so much better than the standard sound. But, that means I really am using my video card for the sound I’m playing — while I’m photo-processing.

So if I’m listening to an audiobook while trying to process photographs using both Photoshop and Topaz filters, everything runs fine unless there’s a particularly big draw on the memory. Then, it just locks up the computer. Sometimes it brings up the blue screen, indicating a video card problem. It isn’t video or at least, it isn’t only the video.

It’s the combination of video and audio together.

The answer? I could choose to not use the fancy audio sound which runs on the big graphics card. Except, I don’t like the other sound.

Better yet, I can play the book on my Kindle and process photographs on the computer. The audio doesn’t use much memory, but Photoshop with Topaz uses a ton of it. And I’ve got 16 gigs of memory on this computer. It was a lot worse on the old computer which had a mere 12 gigs.

14 thoughts on “WHAT NOT TO DO WHILE RUNNING DIAGNOSTICS – Marilyn Armstrong

  1. So basically it`s not the computer it`s the way you use it? Running diagnostics and not doing something else at the same time is a test of patience because just waiting is boring.


    • It’s a design issue. Almost all LAPTOP graphics cards — and mine is a very expensive and powerful card — carry both graphics AND sound. In theory, the computer SHOULD be able to do both, but the reality is what it is. And this isn’t actually a software problem (though Adobe’s tendency to suck up every drop of memory in your computer IS part of the problem), it’s hardware. And this is where having a desktop rather than a laptop would help because with the additional space available in a desktop, you CAN have a sound card AND a graphics card. Except then I would have to sit at my desk alone all day.

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      • I notice it with my laptop sometimes. I bought an ASUS which although not a gaming computer I thought would cope with my occasional game playing but sometimes it freezes or worse, makes a horrendous noise. I have been using it a lot so I can sit in the lounge where it is warmer and more comfortable. I love my desktop but it’s not as comfortable to sit there.


    • What I really need is what I used to have: a big, roomy desktop rather than a laptop. But I think I want my freedom more than the ability to listen to books while processing photographs. A good desktop would solve the problem.

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