Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Lawn Ornaments

I don’t actually have much lawn ornamentation — unless you count the full-size 1928 Fordson tractor. Then, there is the big pink plastic flamingo in the front garden.

I guess you could also consider the small stone toad sundial on the back deck.

Fred, the Flamingo!

Old tractor in a blizzard

Photo: Garry Armstrong

Junco with the toad in the snow

Cee's Black-White

15 thoughts on “LAWN ORNAMENTS IN BLACK & WHITE – Marilyn Armstrong

  1. These are beautiful photos, Marilyn and Garry, and all very atmospheric. I think black and white photography has a lot to offer – more detail and tone for a start. I did photography at GCSE at school, and used to do my own developing. It was great fun. And those snowy pictures are superb. Funnily enough, I’ve always said that even broken down old bits of farm machinery take on a magical ornamental quality in the snow! These photos prove that. 🙂


    • There are some pictures that look better in black and white. It depends on contrast and texture. Ansel Adams did brilliant work with nature in black and white … but generally, I’m never happy with my own nature shots in black and white. For me, those just need to be in color. I like architecture some birds (especially swans) which work beautifully, especially when on a dark lake or river.

      I love old machinery, the rustier the better. They make great pictures. Garry gave me the tractor as my 10th-anniversary present. Now THAT was a great gift!

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