It didn’t happen if you don’t take any pictures. Well, that’s not exactly true, but as a photographer, that’s how I feel about many events. Which doesn’t mean I always take pictures. Much of the time, I don’t feel like taking pictures. I just want to enjoy the event and not be the photographer.

Smiling, Rich and Garry by the Canal at River Bend

Rich and Garry by the canal at River Bend

This wasn’t one of those days. We had hoped to go out yesterday, but it rained all day. This morning, we woke up to a bright blue sky and we said “Okay, this is it. Let’s do it. So while I packed up my camera, made sure Garry had a live battery, figured out which lenses I was taking and off we went to the canal.

And halfway there, it started to rain. Plop. Plop. Plop.

“Maybe it’ll stop,” I said. There were still patches of blue in the sky so it could clear.

Photo: Garry Armstrong – Marilyn and Rich along the Canal

By the time we got to the canal, it was pouring. It briefly slowed down, so we started to get out of the car. The pause changed instantly into a downpour. The rain gods were still with us. We turned around and started to head to dinner, but made a brief stop at the Crown & Eagle, which is a restored cotton mill which has been repurposed into a senior living facility. It’s a particularly beautiful location with the river behind the building and its own canal full of water lilies in front.

The sun came out.

The stone bridge in the rain

We turned around and went back to the canal. By then, it had started to drizzle, but it wasn’t pouring. Rich and I decided to take a chance and get out. I was wearing open-toed sandals — not the best footwear for a muddy rainy day by the river. And while my camera is water-resistant, none of the lenses I had brought were water resistant. I picked the 50mm prime because at least it didn’t have any electronics in it.

The footbridge

Photo: Garry Armstrong – Blackstone River

We took some pictures … and finally, Garry decided to come and shoot some too. He was worried about getting his hearing gear wet … a not unreasonable concern. That’s really expensive equipment that we absolutely can’t afford to replace. But he couldn’t resist the opportunity.

We had about 10 minutes before it started to rain again and if you look, you can see the rain falling in the river. We headed back to the car as quickly as we could with all the gear on the muddy, gritty path which apparently had been really messed up by the constant heavy rains we’ve been having for months.

Then, we really did go to dinner, which was great and I had tempura. Yum!

Rich on his own

The Blackstone Canal

Of course, as we finished dinner, the sun was shining, the sky was bright blue. These are the longest days of the year and I wished we could go back and take just a few more pictures.

But it was getting late. The dogs needed feeding. Moreover, if I was going to post these pictures, I had to download and process at least a few of them. So here they are. All that rain has made everything bloom like mad. It really does look like a rain forest!


  1. What a treat this was. Now I do not only know you both but also Rich….. A fine specimen! I can just see that you had the best time together. I’ve made some friends online too and with some established very valuable and beautiful friendships. In Switzerland we say: Rain makes you beautiful; so you should be the winners at the next beauty contest! πŸ™‚ Thank you for sharing these joyful moments with us.

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  2. Great photos despite the drizzle and or rain. Really love them, and appreciate the introduction to Mr. Paschall whose addition to your blog is always enjoyable informative and welcome πŸ™‚ Awesome to see you all having fun!

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    • We are getting to the point where travel is very difficult for us. I can’t drive and Garry gets tired pretty fast, so we are doing as much as we can as fast as we can … before time draws a curtain on travel. You think you can outrun time, but you can’t. I suppose if you are rich enough to have your own driver and don’t have to do your own driving and hauling of luggage and stuff, you can pull it off longer, but we don’t have the funds. I wish we did. There are still a lot of things I would enjoy if we could find a way to manage them.

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      • I’m there. I can’t travel any more, my back and knee can’t take sitting for long. We were lucky in that Eileah graduates and all of her pictures and grad is here, so I can go to the ceremony and we did pictures out front so I wouldn’t have to travel downtown. I was so touched she made time for me to be in her grad pictures. Kalina grads next year and that won’t be here, so I’ll probably miss out on hers. It’s become a sad fact of life and that’s why I spend so much time “armchair travelling” here. Although these days, sitting in front of a computer is difficult too so I can’t spend as much time as I did even six months ago. My son fixed the data base so I can write and visit a bit which I’m thankful for, truly. It means worlds to me.

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    • Covert, it was swell spending time with someone who can share interest in so many things. The conversation, alone, was memorable. Lots of laughter filled our home. Thanks, Rich.

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  3. But you got some wonderful photos to preserve the memory of the day. Who cares about the rain, at least it wasn’t boring. You and Gary are looking good and it is great to meet someone you know, but never seen.

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    • We are all getting older pretty fast. He is walking with a cane now and he figured it was getting to be now or maybe never. I think we are getting to the “now or never” stage too. It was a good weekend. It was great meeting him!

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    • Mrs. Swiss, thanks for the kind words. It was really fun to share “in person” time with someone you only know over the internet. Rich is even funner and more perceptive than we thought. Hey, he liked us and our 3 barky, smelly and pushy furry kids.

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