NO REFEREE? A NEW CONCEPT – Marilyn Armstrong

FOWC with Fandango — Referee

So, it looks like we are going to take a vacation. Nothing we planned and I guess you could describe this as a delightful and completely unexpected gift. We’re going to visit newly made friends in Pennsylvania. Ponds, mountains, lakes … and people to meet and talk to and get to know and hopefully, laugh and enjoy.

The issue has been as it has been most recently, the dogs. Boarding three of them is out of the question, especially since one of them — Bonnie — has lots of special care required. We do it automatically, multiple times a day because she’s our girl and we care for her.

Groomed Bonnie

The two wacko boys — aside from a daily Prozac that goes to the Duke to try and keep him from bouncing off the walls — are easier. They also have rough patches and we are forever the referees between them as Duke is determined to be the Head Dog and Duke, overall, would prefer a nap. Neither of them messes much with Bonnie who is by dint of something in her personality, chief pooch.

Gibbs, Duke, and a window

It occurred to me that by leaving the two boys alone for a week, we might very well come back to find they’d finally made friends. Without a referee, they might just discover they have a lot in common. Mainly, that they are the two boys of the household. Without us here, there’s nothing to fight about because the disputes are always who gets to be the “dog on the sofa that sits between us.” There’s room for both physically, but not mentally or spiritually.

The more I think about it, the more it seems like a really good idea. If we have Bonnie with us, I will worry less and hopefully, relax more. And although she doesn’t see well anymore, maybe a change of scenery will do her good as well as us.

So we are thinking, thinking, thinking.

Portrait of the Duke

Our decision is not final yet, but … I’m thinking that I might say yes. Especially if I can find a lump of money to get her groomed. She is a smelly little heap of grungy dog fur, not necessarily fit for other human contacts.

And maybe, if we aren’t there to try and mediate the two boys, they’ll discover they can enjoy each other. Either that or … well … let’s not think about that.

This will also take me away from blogging for a bit. A week off might be exactly what the doctor ordered. it is what several doctors, a husband, and a lot of friends have suggested.

An intriguing idea, isn’t it?

34 thoughts on “NO REFEREE? A NEW CONCEPT – Marilyn Armstrong

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      • It’s crazy isn’t it? A few years back I didn’t even know what a blog was. I tried to do a website, but I didn’t have the smarts. I gave up and was discouraged. Then I heard about this blog thing. I had no confidence I could do it, but thought I’d give a whirl. I fumbled. I bumbled. But eventually I started to catch on. Now I do it every day. It’s my main recreation. You are brilliant at it. I’m addicted. I just have a lot of fun and creative and rewarding.


        • I’m pretty much in the same boat. I knew I could do it but I wasn’t sure WHY I should bother. Everntually, I decided it was a good way to show off pictures that otherwise would live and die on a hard drive. Despite the fact that I’m a writer, I didn’t think about writing. I thought about photographs. I somehow thought this was a very graphical medium. I guess we were both wrong 😀

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  2. Thanks God for Owen! Not having anyone to look after a pet is really the only reason for me NOT to have a dog now. I’m forever travelling, so it wouldn’t be fair to a pet. I’m (together with my son who lives far away) the only one of my family with an unfailing and indestructible love for dogs….. Hope you CAN realise this holiday. You need it!


  3. Good luck with whatever you decide. Duke’s always come across as a bit of a wildcard in your posts, and thus I’d say how he would handle being alone with Gibbs is probably completely unpredictable. But at least they’ll have each other. My cats don’t particularly socialize much with each other…. but take one away, and the other suddenly acts like they lost their best friend…


    • Cats have an odd way of being friends. They don’t ACT (usually) like friends, but they apparently consider themselves friends even when they completely ignore each other all the time. But we’ve also had cats who adored each other and were always snuggled together. Some cats are definitely more sociable than others.


  4. It will be a nice break for you especially if you can take Bonnie. Finding someone to dog sit is always a problem for caring but poor pet owners. I have it myself. Cindy won’t allow just anyone in the house when I am not there so it has to be a kennel for her if I’m gone more than a day so it’s the expense and. physically getting her there and also now getting her to the vet for shots so that she can actually go to kennels. I have a couple of dog loving friends who usually help me but this year they have had a run of sickness, car trouble and trips away so I don’t like to ask. It’s easier just to stay at home.


    • Bonnie need special care for her eyes. And it’s more likely she’ll get it from us. Otherwise, we’d have to board her at the vet and that is REALLY expensive. Bur Owen can easily manage the other two so if we can take Bonnie, that will greatly ease my mind.

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    • It’s really surprisingly hard to find people to do this, especially if it’s older animals that need special feeding or medications. And boarding them out to a place that is trustworthy is more money that it would cost for US to travel. This was always difficult and problematic.

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  5. Yes, a good idea. Hopefully, we can make it work. Betcha Duke and Gibbs are already hatching “Home Alone” plans.
    Mother of mercy!


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