Kammie’s Oddball Challenge June 20, 2019

I usually can’t find this challenge until it’s a week old. Remarkably, I was able to find Cee’s entry and track it down that way. I have to go check my “Reader” and see why this isn’t showing up. Actually, the problem is that I have so much email from posts, advertisements, political stuff, news and occasionally, a real message from a personal friend (!!) — I’m surprised I ever find anything.

As it happens, I have some good oddballs this week and am glad to be able to use them!

Both of these were taken by Garry. They are Rich and I are standing in front of the locks that control the Blackstone Canal in Uxbridge. The two formidably large locks have been subject of a lot of my photographs. I’ve been trying to get a decent picture of them for years, but I never found the right angle.

Garry found it. So this is me (Marilyn), Rich Paschall (visiting from Chicago) in light rain in front of the big metal locks on the widest section of the canal.

Locks and bloggers

More locks and bloggers

So even though I’m writing it, this is actually Garry’s photo blog since he took both pictures. Finally, a couple of decent shots of the locks!

Kammie’s Oddball Challenge

11 thoughts on “ODDBALLS: TWO BLOGGERS AND THE LOCKS AT UXBRIDGE – Marilyn Armstrong

    • I had already taken these pictures, or more to the point, Garry took them. I don’t do these usually either, but I liked the pictures and it was great that they looked good. I have been trying to take a decent picture of them for years and never got the angle right. I don’t do most of the prompts anymore. I do the flowers if I have flowers. I usually do Cee’s prompts — if I have the pictures, which I usually do. But otherwise, I do what I feel like doing because I don’t have time to do everything. I don’t do nearly as much as I used to do, either. There seems to be much more to do lately. I’m not even sure why. Lots of household stuff and doctor stuff and I’m not agile enough to go out and shoot a lot of pictures. I think you get more pictures than I do. I got a lot of birds when the feeders were up because I could shoot from my dining room, but Garry has slowed down a lot and I’ve slowed down a lot MORE. We just don’t FEEL like going somewhere all the time. A lot of the time, we’re just glad to sit still for a while and not do ANYTHING.

      You’re carrying a lot of weight on your shoulders these days and I’m amazed that you are doing as much as you are!

      I’ve had that hat for about 20 years and just recently found it buried in my dresser. It’s my “keep the rain off my glasses” hat 😀

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