WILD ASTERS IN MY GARDEN – Marilyn Armstrong

Wild Asters – FOTD – June 25, 2019

The garden is full of buds but not full of blossoms.

The only thing in bloom are a few wildflowers. They seem to have popped up from nowhere, at least they are blooming, which is more than I can say for any of the flowers.

If the rest of the week is not entirely rainy, we will have flowers and a lot of them at that. Meanwhile, here are the little wild asters. I have always been very fond of them.

Dainty, sweet little flowers.

Wild Asters

More wild asters

9 thoughts on “WILD ASTERS IN MY GARDEN – Marilyn Armstrong

    • They are such sweet little flowers. I suspect they are the “basis” of all the daisies we grow. These may not have started as wildflowers, but they grow wild all over New England. We had some years ago and then they vanished … and now they are back. I love them. And all those pictures were taken without any more processing than a bit of cropping. They were pretty much perfect right out of the camera. It wasn’t even my “good camera,” but my miniature Leica that I keep in my purse. They obviously wanted to be photographed 😀

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  1. In my country Switzerland, they’re called ‘Bettagsblüemli’ (you won’t find that in a translation, it’s Swiss German), meaning ‘small flowers (ready to bloom) for Thanksgiving (which, in European countries, is at the end of September). And they are not wild, you have to buy them as plants; although they do come again in the following years. I love them too, they are so unassuming, bloom as if they were no tomorrow and go with practically everything in a bouquet. I’m glad you have them too and enjoy them.


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