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I really hate it when everyone starts to yell at each other. It’s like a big family squabble on Thanksgiving — the kind you see in the movies about what’s wrong with the holiday — and I can’t hear a thing. Maybe there was a time when I could pick individual statements from a mad clatter of voices, but if there was such a time (and I’m not sure there ever was), it has long since passed.

Overall, having spent two days watching both debates, I have reached a number of conclusions.

The first one is that this was an awful presentation, poorly thought out. It allowed almost no one to say anything clearly without interruption and was often a literal scrambling of candidates to get a word in edgewise or any other way.

Also, those who show the least likelihood of becoming a viable candidate (and you know who you are) should run for a different office. Senate, if possible because as much as we need a new President, we desperately need at the very least an evenly divided Senate. If your state has no available senate seat, how about Governor, or Mayor of the largest city that needs a mayor?

These are important offices too. They have a lot of clout. We can only have one president, but if the candidates spread out and get elected to the Senate, Congress, Governorship, Mayors races, we will have power in many different places and that would be a good thing.

Democratic debate – the second night

I was surprised at the intelligence of most of the candidates. To be fair, Trump has set the bar so low, it isn’t hard to step over it.

I love Elizabeth Warren, but I loved her before she took the stage. She is our Senator and I’m proud at how well she stands up for us. That Trump is always trying to cut her down to size is as far as I’m concerned, in her favor. If he weren’t pissed off, I’d have to assume she lacked sufficient status to earn his wrath.

First debate night

It is a sad commentary, isn’t it? We take the negative comments of our so-called president as compliments and relish them. If he hasn’t made up a fake name for you, you don’t really count.

Julian Castro surprised me. He was intelligent, clear, and collected. He was a good speaker — especially given the clawing and scratching the format required of all the candidates.

Beto O’Rourke seemed lost. On Colbert, Chris Christie commented (I hate agreeing with him) that he was like the kid who didn’t do his homework and hoped the teacher wouldn’t call on him. Oops. While he wasn’t a total embarrassment, he didn’t shine.

I understand that this was basically a 4-hour “say hi to the audience and say a few words” introduction, but it wasn’t well done. Aside from the multiple technical gaffs (shame on you, NBC), four hours was not enough time to even properly introduce each candidate. Not even enough time for each of them to have five minutes to speak on his or her own behalf — UNINTERRUPTED.

Returning now to Kamala Harris and Joe Biden. Okay, so she was the second little black kid to be bused in California. What Biden never got to say, but which is the truth — and Garry has a couple of Emmys for covering this event in Boston — busing didn’t work. However well-intentioned it was, it did not succeed for black or white students.

Biden was against it and he was RIGHT. She got picked as one of the first children in that fight, but it was a bad fight. It was a losing fight for everyone. He never got to explain his opposition and she was busy being an effective prosecutor.

Do we need another prosecutor running the country? She might make a good U.S. Attorney General, but president? It’s not just about getting your best and most memorable jab in. That’s what we currently have. We need something better, more thoughtful, reasoned, and less single-issued.

What impressed me? That for the most part, everyone agreed on most of what I think are the important issues. From health care to treating immigrants like human beings to making sure that “regular people” can earn enough money working one job to support themselves and their family. There was minimal disagreement on the basics. I thought it was a pity we couldn’t run a bunch of them as a group.

Democratic presidential candidates from left, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, Rep. Tim Ryan, D-Ohio, former Housing and Urban Development Secretary Julian Castro, Sen. Cory Booker, D-N.J., Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., former Texas Rep. Beto O’Rourke, Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn., Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, D-Hawaii, Washington Gov. Jay Inslee, and former Maryland Rep. John Delaney participate in a Democratic primary debate hosted by NBC News at the Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts, Wednesday, June 26, 2019, in Miami. (AP Photo/Wilfredo Lee)

Personally, I agree a combination of private and public health care works well in many countries. Once health insurers are required to compete with a vital public sector, it’s amazing how effective they can be and how quickly their attitudes change.

About half the “nominees” need to find other places to run for office. Of the remaining half, we need sensible debates where people can say something. Asking any candidate for office to sum up anything in a one or two-word answer is ridiculous. It was stupid from the get-go. The debates suffered and we (the audience) suffered.

The moderators kept promising they would get back to individuals, but they never did. These should have been spread out over at least four night, not two. It was unfair to everyone, especially me.

And for heaven’s sake, whoever does the next debates, get your best technical people on the job. Our college radio station did better work than NBC!

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  1. It would be a pity to waste potentially good administrators because they all want to run for the one job. It would be good to have them running for positions they were really suited to. Even The West Wing showed us that a good man in the White House can only do so much without cooperation from other levels of government.
    A friend of mine, Canadian, watched some of the debates and said he was impressed with Elizabeth Warren. I am surprised a major network had such a lot of technical issues. It makes me wonder if they really cared that much about giving a good presentation. They probably had to skip some reality show to put it on.


  2. “These should have been spread out over at least four night, not two.” I concur. 4-2-5: Four debates of two hours each with five candidates in each one. In fact, they probably then could have fit in the four candidates who missed the cut by having six at each of the four debates.


  3. We’re in for a Federal Election in the fall. Not looking forward to that.


    • I’m looking forward to ours because I really WANT Trump ousted. This, however, was a terrible example of a candidate presentation. Bad TV, bad for the candidates, worse for the viewers. NBC isn’t exactly an inexperienced company. They used no common sense in how they set it up. It was a mess.

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      • I did not watch it on purpose, but I noticed that Elizabeth Warren was not taking part in this fracas. Boy, I hope the DEMS get it together before the election or we’re doomed again to suffer an “Anal Aperture” in office for 4 more years.


        • She was in the first debate on Wednesday and did fine.


          • Didn’t watch that one either.., again on purpose. The DEMs are going through too much crazy shit, at the moment, and it makes my stomach turn.., so I try to avoid the chaos. They all seem to have good intentions but the fighting seems pointless to me. The daily updates and, overall, commentary on NPR is about as much as I can take. Also, I’m pretty busy with work right now, so they’ll have to do without me. Just get Waldemort out of office.., I get sick every time I hear his snippy, flip-flopping, lying voice.


            • I just wanted to see who was who and where there were real differences between candidates. Really, there ISN’T much difference between candidates and there’s still a lot of sorting out to do. And NBC didn’t do themselves proud, either.

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              • There was some talk of “Ageism” (is that a word?) on NPR today, some candidates being too old to run effectively. The answer is for the final ticket to take advantage of the wisdom of age as a front runner, and one of the younger pups bringing up the rear. I could see Elizabeth, or Bernie leading the pack with Mayor Pete in second place? Biden seems to have a little too much past baggage? Waddya think?


              • I agree, all the same.
                The debates were like scrambled eggs, without the eggs.

                If anyone who claims to be a Christian and votes for any person who thinks it is healthy or good to kill an innocent baby has no right to allege abuse at the borders of children. Speaking to readers who claim to believe in God; think again. When you stand before God in judgment, you will see the aborted as they will see you.

                I was at one time in my life and proud to call myself a Democrat, being raised in Chicago. In those days it seemed to be the Christian way of life, but they changed.

                Sorry to those on the far left, but had to say it!


                • Everyone is entitled to his or her opinion as long as you don’t feel obliged to force your opinion and faith on ME. There are a lot of unclear judgments in this statement and I’m not going to bother to argue. Believe as you wish and live as you choose. But do not assume you have proof of something for which no one has proof and never will. Faith is wonderful, but when it is forced on others, it is not faith — it is torture.


      • I’m glad I missed it…. 😉


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