16 thoughts on “WILDFLOWERS IN OUR GARDEN – Marilyn Armstrong

    • I was surprised. This is definitely not my first choice of cameras for taking flower pictures, but I just didn’t feel like hauling the big camera downstairs. It worked so well, I may use it more. Maybe I have been underestimating it.

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  1. Looks like the sun came out! Yayyy! 🙂

    I have just seen the first Jonquil bud about to flower in my garden. This is equivalent to the day before the day before New Year’s Eve in your neck o’ the woods!!


    • I keep seeing ants and this makes me unhappy. But not a LOT of ants. The problem is that we just put in new pipes from up to downstairs and I think we invited some little friends in! I haven’t been out today yet, but I’m betting there’s going to be at least one or two flowers on the daylilies. It’s the end of June. VERY late for this blooming! I think this week is probably our first summery week!

      Jonquils look just like daffodils. They must be related. They are usually OUR first sign of spring — other than the crocus which will pop up through the snow.

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      • Yep! Jonguils and Daffs are part of the Narcissus family! I don’t normally see them before Aug/Sept.

        We get a LOT of ants here, 3 or 4 diff types but thankfully they are largely civil enough to stay outdoors. When they get too close to the house, or a nest looks too big, i will take action with either boiling water or ant powder.

        Weather here is ‘normal’ and by that i mean completely weird… we’ve just gone from the driest start of the year on record to the end of May to having the wettest June in over 14 years, with more rain to come before Sunday ends?

        Hope your sunny days continue.


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