I got to thinking about what my world would look like if I (personally) got rid of everyone who isn’t white enough for this current America. I would have to remove my husband — and all my friends. And my entire family. After which I’d have to go, too. I may be white, but Jewish isn’t really white.


Not merely is this a bad idea, it is impossible. People love to talk about this country as if we are (kind of) akin to Germany, and SCROTUS is (kind of) a version of Hitler. Except … in Germany, the different people were a relatively small number in a country where most people were the same. It was a homogeneous country. Which made it easy to pick out the ones who were different.

That was true all over Europe. It was easy to figure out who were the “different” ones. In most European countries, it’s still true.

Germany in the 1920s and 1930s was nothing like this country.

SCROTUS isn’t Hitler.
The United States isn’t Germany.


The number of not-white people in this country is larger than the number of whites. Yes, you heard me correctly. If you are one of the people who believe that facts mean anything, take a look at the numbers.

This is just the beginning. Not only do we have a lot of non-white citizens from everywhere in the world, but people marry each other. They will continue to marry, have children and eventually, the current madness will vanish and never come back.

None of this means anything. It’s nonsense. Utter crap.
The world is full of hate but in the end, haters are losers. 

Eventually, we will all be some shade of slightly off-white, medium tan, or terribly freckled. We aren’t getting rid of most of our population. Really.

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  1. Gosh that made me laugh, I’ve always believed that the words of that 60’s song Melting Pot will one day come true and we will all be …”coffee coloured people by the score.


  2. It just seems there are more haters than lovers and yet, there are some many fine people the world over. Hate is something taught and learned. Children don’t hate anyone or anything! Stands to reason they learn it then doesn’t it?


  3. Apart from the original inhabitants, our countries are mostly people who came from somewhere else or whose ancestors came from somewhere else. We are much more mixed up than Europe was 80 years ago, even Europe is probably more mixed up now that people travel more. It’s a bit like that 70s song by Blue Mink, Melting Pot.


    • And it is becoming truer each year. My whole family is mixed. Kids marry who they marry and always will. You can’t “get rid of” the majority of the population. It’s absurd. And who, but our insane president, would want to?

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  4. And better, if you’re into “Butts” 🙂

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