Photo Challenge: Edit

Three pictures using impressionist, graphic, and HDR styling.

A pole in the water – Abstract Impressionist

And here it is again, Cezanne-style, though not looking all that much different.

Rope on a boat – HDR with some graphics

And a Cezanne-style version …

If Cezanne painted my garden

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  1. If Cezanne painted your garden! Gorgeous πŸ™‚


    • I really like playing with filters, but I try to do it only when it feels right. Otherwise, you forget how to do “real” photography. I think photo-art has its own place, but it’s not photography. It’s something else.

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      • Yes I agree with you, we live in a digital age where most things are possible. I rarely use filters, most of my edits are resizing before uploading and cropping the image. Occasionally, I have fun with images such as recently when my son wanted unique photos for his new home. Copied a small section of colour changed the image to black and white and Pasted back my coloured section. It was fun working to his brief.


        • Sometimes, when I’ve taken a LOT of pictures that look a lot alike, I decide to do something different with all the spares. Garry and I are both serious over-shooters. My theory is that since we don’t have to pay to develop pictures, I want to make SURE I get the shot … but often, I wind up with a dozen shots, each one only very slightly different than the others. But they are too good to delete — so I play with them. It is a kind of art. In its own right. It isn’t exactly photography, but it’s also not exactly art.

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  2. Can you do a Cezanne on the rope and the pole in the water, please. I love the day lily.


  3. Can’t explain, but I LOVE the rope! picture just love it!

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  4. I like the rope too, but the day lily edit is spiffing – so energising.

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  5. The rope has very good detail


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