DAY ONE – THE JULY BLUES! – Marilyn Armstrong

It’s day One of July Blues!

It has finally arrived and it’s going to be a blue, blue summer. Today, it’s the bright blue of the wild spiderwort in my garden.

Spiderwort is a strange plant and its blue color has a strong violet and pink undertone. So often, I take a picture of “blue spiderwort,” but when I post it on my computer, it’s bright violet-pink. No amount of color correction will fix it, either.

They come out blue if I take the picture in shade. Or — mostly shade. It’s something about the spectrum of sunshine that changes its color.

Spiderwort in its proper shade of deep blue.

13 thoughts on “DAY ONE – THE JULY BLUES! – Marilyn Armstrong

  1. oh this is gorgeous . . so sorry it has taken me so long to visit I think there must have been a WP gremlin as it didn’t come up in my notifications.


  2. I’ve seen those around here, but I never knew what they were. They look a little bit like what my mother used to call “widow’s tears’. The flowers on that plant are the same bluish-purple, but I think they’re smaller than the spider wort. Thanks for sharing these! 🙂

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