DAYLILIES – FOTD – July 1, 2019

I was hoping to get outside and see more lilies today, but instead, we had intermittent storms. Thunder, lightning, hail, rain, sun, gloomy clouds … and each of them more than once. The weather kept rolling around. It certainly was entertaining, but not inviting.

It also was stormy last night, but the thunder today was more impressive this afternoon. Garry heard it when NOT wearing hearing aids.

3 thoughts on “DAYLILIES START BLOOMING – Marilyn Armstrong

    • They are blooming madly today. I took some pictures on the way in from the grocery, but I have taken the chip out yet. With a little luck, they will be around for at least a month. And they are blooming everywhere. Wild and in gardens, along the sides of the road. They originally came from China and Tibet. No idea how they wound up New England’s favorite wildflower!

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