A VERY BLUE JULY GARDEN 2 – Marilyn Armstrong

July Blues – 2

Okay. I’m playing around a bit, but I took a lot of pictures of my garden today and there were so many pictures, one of them clearly needed to be blue.

After all, this IS a blue July, is it not? How could I pass up this magical opportunity to have a beautiful blue garden on this beautiful day in July?

This is my very blue garden full of daylilies of the normally orange kind.

A square, blue garden of daylilies

18 thoughts on “A VERY BLUE JULY GARDEN 2 – Marilyn Armstrong

  1. Wow, Marilyn – this picture is absolutely stunning! It needs to be made into a poster or displayed at a gallery. I’m really very impressed indeed. July at it’s most glorious. It’s gorgeous! πŸ™‚


  2. It all looks so very FLUID in blue, and energetic too. Which would not be at all so obvious in the natural greens. Which in turn is rather thought-provoking. And apart from this – very well played!


    • I have all these filters and many of them I never use. But since I’m doing “Blue July” with Becky, and I had already processed almost all of the pictures, I got to this one and thought “Hmm. I wonder how it would look in blue?” There were four or five different blue-toned variations, many a form of cyan monochrome ranging from dark navy to true cyan. This one was not monochrome and did seem to have a motion fluidity. At this point, I was processing photo number 11, so I figured “why not?”

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      • It’s good break out with the ‘colour box’ now and then – whatever the medium. I’ve got some kids’ stubby wax crayons that I’ve been meaning to have a good scribble with. Such activities seem to loosen up bits of the brain – which is always good!


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