Blooming Daylilies – FOTD – 07/02/19

And so, it did not rain today. No thunder or lightning. Only a few passing clouds. Warm, but not humid. In fact, as close to a perfect summer’s day as one could ask for.

We had a lot of errands to run today — and more tomorrow. But wherever we drove, there were daylilies along the road, in gardens, in the woods. I’ve never seen the roads so green.

Weeds and vines have wrapped the fences by the road, overflowed their usual locations and seem to be trying to enclose the whole world.

Old tractor with daylilies

And everywhere, you could see orange daylilies peeking out from between the greenery. Somehow, these originally imported flowers have become a symbol of summer in New England.

A clump of daylilies
My perfect daylily

I was grateful for the long day because I knew I would be able to photograph the flowers when we came back from doctors, pharmacy, garage, and grocery. It was a long day and I still have had time to go through my email. I don’t think I’m going to get through it today at all. All this evening, I’ve been processing the pictures I took earlier.

Now it’s late. I’m tired. Tomorrow is going to be very much like today. For that matter, Wednesday is going to be very much the same.

By Friday, I’ll need a gurney to move me to the exhaustion ward.

6 thoughts on “DAY OF THE BLOOMING DAYLILIES – Marilyn Armstrong”

  1. same here in France; the only sad thing is the word DAY lilies…. tried to put them in water and take them inside, nope, it’s what it is, joy for one day. but it’s a stunning display! And please don’t talk about those overpowering, endlessly growing and invading winding and tangling weeds. There is NO way we can keep up with them. They’re stronger and have more resilience than I have!


    1. They are growing like wildfire and everything is all knotted up by them. I have weeds in the garden that are a good 7 feet tall and I can’t even reach them to cut them down. I’ve NEVER seen weeds that huge before! Lots of rain seems to create a whole new green world.

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  2. Thank you so much for sharing your day lilies with me. I had a thriving patch of them in Salt Lake, but when I moved away, since it was during the winter, I could not bring them along. I still miss them terribly, but have bought a packet of bulbs (well one of the orange lilies and one of multi-colored lilies) so that next spring I can hopefully begin cultivating a new patch of lilies. So hopeful and so beautiful. Thanks again Marilyn!


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