I loved what they now call “small ball.”

The leadoff guy gets on with a single. The second guy (PeeWee Reese), choking up on the bat, moves the leadoff guy to third with an opposite-field hit. The third guy (Duke Snider) takes a couple of pitches and PeeWee steals second on the third pitch.

1956 Brooklyn Dodgers before the game

Duke hits the next pitch off the right-field wall — the one with the Robert Hall sign — and scores leadoff hitter Junior Gilliam and PeeWee.

Ebbets Field

The pitcher sighs, looking at the rest of the lineup. It’s Campy, Gil Hodges, Carl Furillo, Jackie Robinson, and Sandy Amoros.

Now, the pitcher starts crying and in the dugout, the manager is sobbing.

Sandy Koufax is pitching for the Dodgers.

16 thoughts on “WHEN IT WAS ALL SMALL BALL – Garry Armstrong

  1. Those guys had what is possibly a lost art/talent called “strategy” winning games by intelligence and planning. Each of them could sacrifice personal pursuits for the good of the team.., and to win the game.

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    • It was just a little memory trip. Garry wrote it for something else, but I liked it, so I published it. I don’t think he even knows I posted it. He spent the day at the gym with a friend. A freebie. He feels great now but probably won’t feel so great later. The tiredness will arrive soon enough.

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      • Marilyn, i shared this with “Brother” John Corcoran. He asked me to do it in “Yankee-ese.” I did. Same strategy, just different players. During Casey’s hey-days as Yankee skipper, he would send out: Bauer – the WW2 Gyrene, Scooter Rizzuto, The Mick, Yogi, Moose Skowron, Irv Noren/Country Slaughter, Billy “the Kid” Martin and Gil “Super utility” McDougald. Mel Allen (Melvin Israel) would broadcast in soupy southern fried chicken tones, reminding us to — “Have a Ballantine — with the 3 ring sign”.

        Holy Cow!


      • Marilyn, I can take it. My legs are still good. My back? That’s another story. I enjoyed the gym workout. Didn’t try to impress anyone. Did what I could. I still have that gyrene bravado.


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