I recently spent two days with friends in Portland, Oregon, the Vermont of the West. Pot is legal and the arts are thriving, all over town.

Our friends drove us and walked with us all around town so we got a good overview of the city.

Beautiful design on a billboard in town

This design covered two buildings next to each other

Artwork on the side of a building

The side of another building. I love the whimsy of this one!

Another cool scene on the side of a building

Courtyard entrance to a shop

On our drive through town, I took a picture of an interesting sculpture I saw on the porch of a house. Later that night, our friends drove us to a local tourist attraction – a psychedelic light show that a local resident projects every night. I realized that this was the house with the interesting ‘sculpture’ – much more interesting with the lights!


  1. Thanks for sharing. It feels like Marc and Rachel are so far away, and they are, but you brought their world here with your words and photos!


    • Our friends had been raving about Portland for four years and we were sceptical that it could be as wonderful as they said. But we were really impressed, both by the aesthetics and by the fantastic food. They live in a neighborhood where there is a lot within walking distance, which is what I had when I lived in New York City. My beef with cities these days is that it is a hassle to get around town and do things outside of your immediate neighborhood. But the public transportation there seems pretty good and you can also drive and park around town. So it seems like a very livable, resident friendly city.

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      • I have a friend who lives there and I’ll be seeing her around the first weekend in August. She is so very proud of her city, Portland.


    • Portland is also an amazing foodie town. We had amazing food from the high priced fancy restaurants to the local diner/coffee shops.

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    • There were sections of Portland that had lots of murals all over and other areas that just had a few. But the whole town had a Greenwich village meets Vermont vibe that I loved!


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