Finally, square and blue!

It took me a while to finally get the Spiderwort to show properly blue. This is the way I see them outside. They turn purple or violet when photographed and my job was to finally get the hue corrected. it wasn’t easy, but I did it. It sure took long enough!

19 thoughts on “SQUARE BLUE SPIDERWORT – Marilyn Armstrong”

    1. I’m pretty sure it’s the camera. It doesn’t always read the top layer, which is what our eyes see, but the colors that make up the color. In this case, there’s a deep red-violet color under the blue we see. But it’s infuriating to never get that color right, so last night, I dug into some of the features I rarely used until I got both shade and hue right. Then I had to go back and turn the leaves green again without changing the flower. All for you, my dear πŸ˜€

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    1. You probably have something similar hanging around your wooded areas. I think this is also one of the edible plants.

      One year, I decided to try very fresh (just out of the ground) dandelion leaves in a salad. Nope, not for me. Too … intense? But I could see where it might make an interesting wine.

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    1. It looks delicate, but it’s actually a big, tall and rather heavy plant. Every time it rains, it falls on its side and takes a couple of days of drying out to stand back up. It grows perfectly fine lying on the ground, though. Sturdy and wild. Most people remove it from their gardens. I imported it.

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