FLOWER CLOSEUPS IN OUR 2019 GARDEN – Marilyn Armstrong

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Close up of Flowers

My garden is just a bit “unilateral” this summer. The Daylilies have overwhelmed everything else, except maybe the grass which is fighting it’s own battle to get higher than our knees before mowing.

A perfect pair of Daylilies
Another glorious Daylily
Very closeup of our tiny roses

19 thoughts on “FLOWER CLOSEUPS IN OUR 2019 GARDEN – Marilyn Armstrong”

  1. We’ve got grass like that. And we’re just about to go away for 3 weeks… it’ll be like going on safari when we get back. Gorgeous photos of your flowers, though. What a lovely splash of colour too, despite the grass. 🙂


              1. Oooh dear. We’ve just treated our cats as well, although it doesn’t seem too bad for fleas etc. at the moment.


  2. Do you call those orange daylilies growing in ditches along the road “ditch lilies” like me? Your lilies certainly look more stately! Have you tried tasting a petal? No kidding, go ahead and taste one from one of your orange ones (of course don’t taste it if it’s been sprayed with anything!).


        1. I will. I haven’t tasted the hosta, Solomon’s Seal, or Spiderwort yet. I was disappointed in the dandelions, though. They were a bit … intense? I haven’t found the right word yet. Not inedible, but not for my regular salad, either. I’ll have to try it in tea next time.

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    1. It’s nice that the rain did some good. Everything is incredibly green and growing like CRAZY. The wild grapevines have completely taken over the backyard. You can’t see the trees for the vines.


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