July Blues and the Sky at Dawn – Vernal Equinox 

It was dawn on the day of the Vernal Equinox and I had not closed the shades. I usually do, but I forgot. When I woke up, it looked as if the room was on fire. The blue sky turned deep red and violet before finally, the sun came up. It was the most amazing sunrise I’ve ever seen. My friend called me to ask: “Did you see that sunrise this morning? It was amazing!”

Dawn – Vernal Equinox

And I keep a camera in the bedroom, just for this kind of event. I can only get these amazing sunrises before the leaves come out. After that, the trees hide the sky.

28 thoughts on “JULY BLUES AND SUNRISE ON THE VERNAL EQUINOX – Marilyn Armstrong

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  2. This is breath-taking, Marilyn. Worth being up so early for! Well done for catching it on camera. I’ve never been very successful at photographing sunrises and sunsets. My efforts never do them justice. 🙂


        • I was lucky I had a camera right there by the window. I could never have done it otherwise. The camera was there to catch pictures of the birds, but then there was that astonishing sunrise — and a few others that were almost as good. I can’t get that screen open anymore, so I can’t get those shots. I have to run into the kitchen and out onto the deck, by which time, the show is usually over. But I’m going to see if there’s some way I can get remove that screen for the cold weather. It’s the best sky view in the house. Better than the deck!

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