ROMANTIC BLUE IN JULY – Marilyn Armstrong

The blue romance of July is an icy river from last winter

On this very hot day in July, thoughts tend to turn more to cold showers than romance … but it will get better.

By Monday, the heat will break and then it will be a normal hot summer. Or, so we hope. Because the weather has not been anything like normal in quite a while and I wonder if it will ever be “normal” again.

An icy blue river in February.

17 thoughts on “ROMANTIC BLUE IN JULY – Marilyn Armstrong

  1. Raining here. Nearly every day. Raining, raining, raining. Won’t stop.
    Meanwhile down East – where you are – it’s sweltering. A heat wave. A dangerous heat wave.
    One extreme to the other.
    Glad I didn’t take my holidays this month.


  2. Lovely photo – it looks like a painting! On this hot day, it’s nice to imagine dipping one’s toes into that icy river! I love the summer, but I agree it’s been TOO hot. Tomorrow is supposed to be normal again!


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