VINEYARD MEMORIES – Marilyn Armstrong

The song is full of memories of Martha’s Vineyard where we spent so many happy weeks in summers past. Lobster traps. Wrestling with Carly for possession of a clearance sale silk blouse in a favorite shop in Oak Bluffs.

fishing Hyannisport

And, the parties we attended while President Clinton and family were down on the Vineyard. At one of them, Carly sang Summertime and Bill played the song on the saxophone.

I was younger

I miss the Vineyard because it was a special place, but now that we live in the country now, it’s less pressing to be “away.” We are always at least a little bit away, I think.

So these days, our anticipation is waiting for the hot spell to break so we can go back to enjoying the world outside.

14 thoughts on “VINEYARD MEMORIES – Marilyn Armstrong

    • Well, we shared the house with about 5 other couples, which is the only way we could afford it. The house was owned by a couple of doctors who had a practice on the cape and another on the Vineyard. We got the house, but they could use the dock so they could maintain their practice. The place was a bit rundown, but it was fine for us. They eventually sold it for a lot more than we could afford to pay and that was the end of our vineyard days. But it was a lot of fun while it lasted.

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  1. I have a cousin who lived for years on Martha’s Vineyard. She moved to Arizona to be with her aging mom (my aunt), and I think she’s nuts. She has siblings who are also in Arizona and close to my aunt. If I’d had that opportunity to live there, I’d have never left. What lovely memories you have! ❤


    • Living on the Island is beautiful, but it is difficult all year round. For much of the year, the ferries don’t run because of the ice in the sound … and everything is closed. It can be very lonely. I think Arizona is a bit of a biggish change, but most people don’t live there all year round. It’s hard to get anything there. You have to wait for the ice to break up and the ferry to come in with fresh food. It was wonderful, but we came in the summer and we knew people who had homes there and could have lived there all year round but rarely did. They came for holidays — Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc. — but they went mainland the rest of the winter months.


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