Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Water

Our valley is full of rivers. Mostly, it is full of the Blackstone which winds its way down from the Worcester hills to its end in Newport, Rhode Island. Incidental to its biggest river, are several substantial tributaries including the Mumford in the heart of Uxbridge and a few others.

Hard to say if they are creeks or smaller rivers, but lots and lots of water from tiny little streams, to large lakes, to big shallow ponds beloved by swans and geese for nesting.

Red kayak by the Blackstone

Paddling up the river

Bridge over the Blackstone

The dock at River Bend

Great Blue Heron

Shiny canal in summer

Autumn at the lake in Webster

Blackstone Gorge – Photo: Garry Armstrong

Spillway on the dam

Manchaug – Photo: Garry Armstrong

Upward at Roaring Dam

9 thoughts on “PLENTY OF WATER IN THE WATERSHED – Marilyn Armstrong

    • When we moved here, I had no idea it was a watershed. I knew it was a river valley, but I didn’t realize the majority of the water for Massachusetts is collected here nor did I realized that you can’t go anywhere in the Valley and be more than a quarter of a mile from part of one of the rivers, lakes, or streams. One of the nice things about the area, because we are part of the National Parks system (a subgroup in which the land is protected land, but not protected to the degree that a true National Park is supposedly protected) is that there are dozens of parks with lots for cars, picnic tables, docks, water launching slides, and museums. There’s always a place to park and usually, an easy walk to get anywhere you’d like to go. Good place for photographers! I’ve never before had so much water so easily available having grown up in New York city, Boston, and Jerusalem. All but Jerusalem did have an ocean nearby, but not a maze of rivers like we have here. It’s nice to be close to the rivers, but it is also very buggy. LOTS of mosquitoes!


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