I started reading the news this morning and it was so depressing, I decided to skip it and go straight to music. Swinging on a start sounds like a good choice, don’t you think? This is the Frank Sinatra version. It was the best reproduction I could find.

It’s a cheerful song. Nothing to do with the news and that’s just fine with me. Less is definitely more!

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  1. This had me smile big(ly!) – I listened to it on YT and wondered WHY on earth I had this on….. it was from this post of yours and I had simply forgotten by the time I listened to it. Speak about losing one’s mind!


  2. great song; thanks for the reminder.


  3. That was a great song, Marilyn, better to sing on a star.


  4. Not so dismal. The Brits now have BoJo and he is always good for a laugh.


  5. Thanks for that burst of joyous whimsy. Much else, as you say, is far too lowering, and the mainstream media doesn’t even publish the worst of what our leaders get up to.


    • Sometimes, the level of negativity is almost unbearable. Even if I agree with it, I just need a break. Between the shootings and the political horrors and climate change, ye gods, the world has become such an ugly place. I need a little hint of lightness to keep me from totally losing it.

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