12 thoughts on “SUMMER FLOWERS – FOTD – Marilyn Armstrong

    • This is THE time for flowers! I have some spring flowers — daffodils and crocus and Columbine and summer flowers — mostly roses and daylilies, but by August, except for some lingering roses and white Rhododendrons, everything is gone. I used to have autumn flowers, but they died. We had some extremely bitter winters with tons of snow and that didn’t help … but also, fall flowers need periodic replanting and I didn’t do it, so they eventually gave up. All my Hollyhocks died of some kind of disease. They were glorious, but one year, they ALL died … in just two weeks. I never figured out what did it. All our “fancy roses” froze, but the tiny barbed wire ones will live forever and the Rhododendrons, since we cut back the roses, have really grown a lot bigger. But the garden needs work. A LOT of work. Maybe one day, I’ll be able to hire someone to come in and tear it all up and replant it.

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    • The daylilies have crowded out almost everything except the roses and Rhododendrons. We get the other flowers along the edges of the garden and some of “blown over the driveway” and taken root on the other side. But these days, it’s definitely all nature’s own 😀

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    • If I were in better physical shape — OR the weather was not so ridiculously HOT, I could do something to improve them. By the time the heat passes, it will be a little late. Spring has been coming late too, so it’s hard to get much done when the ground is still full of ice and snow. Byt the time it all defrosts, it’s already mid-May!

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