Even my computer is part of the plot against us! It's Alienware!

Even my computer is part of the plot against us! It’s Alienware!

I definitely have a few bones to pick and I’m going to start picking right now. You see, I have these questions. Important questions. And there are, as far as I can tell, no answers to them.

1. Why does WordPress allow us to approve or disapprove comments, but anyone can follow us? Doesn’t that seem wrong to you? I leafed through my thousands of “followers” the other day and exactly as expected, most of the recent ones are spambots. Short of using Captcha, which I consider cruel and unusual punishment, there doesn’t seem to be any way to prevent the spammers from following. I can get rid of their comments, but I can’t get rid of them.

2. No matter what you do, every pingback has to be personally moderated … yet if you allow reblogs — and most of us do — these do NOT need to be moderated, not even for those who have never commented and are essentially anonymous. Thus my posts have been reblogged on all kinds of horrible sites where I would never go, much less see my work posted. Forgive me if the logic of this eludes me.

3. Object linking has become the function that powers our internet experience. For those of you who don’t know much about programming and computer development, a “link” is really an embedded address. Thus a pingback is actually an object “pointer.” It takes the address of a website or some other thing on the internet (it could also be an email address or a picture … or a part number in a database), embeds it in a graphic or text so that when someone clicks on it, it takes them to that place. Like the transporter on the Enterprise.

Bonnie guarding my computer

It’s the computer equivalent of “Scottie, beam me up.” The other day, all my links went wacko. If I clicked on a notification from a follower, I got sent to the Reader … but not to that blogger or that post. Just the top of the Reader. Sometimes, I got the message that the address didn’t exist.

I panicked, contacted WordPress. Who said they would check it out. Yet, before they even had a chance to look at it, it fixed itself and the problem disappeared. That was when I got a notice that other people had begun to have the same problem.

Is our technology beginning to fail because chaos reigns and magic is loose in the world?

4. When my links went berserk, my knee jerk reaction was to get mad. After all the goofy “upgrades” WordPress has been making to their user interface (in my world, it is known as the GUI, pronounced Gooey, or graphical user interface), anything is possible.

I assumed this was another bizarre piece of programming they were foisting on me. Eventually, I realized even WordPress could not possibly consider this acceptable. Not unless they were all taking some heavy hallucinogenic drugs up in the office.

So there you have it, my contentious bone picking of the day.

Watch your links. Keep watching your links.
Aliens are invading the servers.


32 thoughts on “IT’S THE LITTLE STUFF THAT GETS ME – Marilyn Armstrong

  1. I’ve had that issue of being asked to sign in to comment on people’s blogs too, even people I follow and comment on regularly. Not every day but from time to time. Yesterday, I wanted to read an old post of mine and found that half of it was displaying properly and the other half wasn’t. The more I tried to fix it the worse it got.
    It is odd that we can’t easily control who follows us or who reblogs us. I’m usually happy for people to reblog my posts but last week someone reblogged two of them and when I paid a courtesy visit to their blog I found it was entirely made up of reblogs. I wouldn’t have minded if there had been some original content, even if it was only an introduction explaining why they were reblogging it but there was not a word. I was annoyed.
    WordPress does have a lot of glitches and I can’t help wondering what the business customers they are so keen to attract would get out of it when the service is so unreliable.


    • First, they have an ancient and never solved “spacing” issue with the text. Spacing after and before photographs gets weird. The size of the font changes. You try to change from italic to plain text and it goes wacko and becomes a whole difference font.

      Once it goes bad, you never get it right. Every now and again, I try. I fail. I give up and go to bed.

      I get the “sign-in” message when trying to open my OWN site. It’s a flaw — a very serious one — in their servers and sooner or later, they are going to crash and burn and will take all of us with them.


  2. Thanks, first of all, for explaining pingback —- there are ppl out there (me) who have no idea of nothing!
    2nd – I had to sign in to comment on every blxxdy blog anew, although on the top right hand bar my log-on icon was visible!!! Explain that in simple words, WP!
    3rd – However, I DO get mails galore by WP to really hurry up to get my professional WP deal – and I still have and won’t have a blog….


      • I don’t think that’s what it is. It is their ‘mailing to all and sunders’ system…. Better send the same rubbish a hundred times than sorting stuff out first!
        That last sentence – if it wasn’t so tragic, it’d be really funny 🙂


        • I’ve been told by the one person I know who took the deal that the service is JUST as bad as it was before AND you have to use their new format which — if you were writing a whole book — might make sense but for a blog? Seriously?


  3. “No matter what you do, every pingback has to be personally moderated.” I don’t moderate my pingbacks and most of them come through…most of the time.


  4. O HO! That’s why, just yesterday, I got this message (paraphrased of course, who can remember the EXACT words all the time?) “This site is suspicious. Do not proceed” when I tried to go to someone’s page IN WordPress. It happened three or four times and then it stopped. I realize there’s a lot of ‘behind the scenes’ work that goes into making up a website that functions (mostly) properly, but like that old scene from “Baby Boom” with Diane Keaton…”I don’t want to know where the water (the graphics or post or text or whatever) comes from! I just want to turn on the tap and have it come OUT!” I just want to type my thoughts and have them go out in a timely manner. Not too much to ask, surely. Thanks Marilyn for the heads up that yet another ‘game is afoot’ and we can expect a LOT more glitches. Again. *sigh* 😐


    • I got that trying to get on your site. I ignored it and went on anyway. Their servers are not working properly, but if you tell them that they will simply deny it because if it hasn’t happened to them, it didn’t happen at all. I wouldn’t be blogging with them if there was a choice. Sadly, there isn’t.


  5. I get people that comment “nice” or such short comments which absolutely say nothing for me. Worst is when they add visit my blog at http://www……. because that is definitely an invitation for me to throw their comments into the trash.


    • And that’s what I do. I’m not advertising for someone else’s blog. I’m tired of explaining the “etiquette” to newbies who are too dumb to realize there is such a thing as “manners.” So I just delete them.

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  6. WP is often a pain in the ass, but it’s the only blog platform I use so I put up with it. I don’t have a problem with bad sites re-blogging me (as far as I know), and I don’t really worry about who does or doesn’t follow me. I only follow back if it’s a legitimate site that truly interests me. I did get a little scared yesterday, though, when it seemed like WP had eliminated the old editor, but then it came back up after a couple of minutes. WP can make all the changes they want so long as they leave that old editor in place.


    • The old editor and dashboard are blinking off in the middle of whatever you are doing. I don’t know if they are trying to tell us something or they are merely inept. I’m hoping inept.

      I don’t care who follows me unless they are using my writing to sell their products — which are usually scams. THAT bothers me.


  7. You can delete followers. Go to Followers and they will list them all you can ‘remove.’ Comments….I don’t have an approval button on mine, but if someone has never commented before, it wants me to approve. I think WP set that because I have never selected that option.
    Now this is weird….in the middle of writing this, your blog wanted my email address before it would post the comment. I logged on, logged back in and viola! I could post. So strange, Marilyn. I have not a clue what WP does….


    • Yes, you can delete followers, but I have more than 12,000 of them and each time I delete ONE, it sends me back to the beginning. Do you have any idea how long that takes? Essentially forever. I gave up. If you’ve got a few hundred, maybe you could fix it, but once you’ve popped past 10,000? Most unlikely.


    • That’s been happening a lot lately. To me too. On my OWN blog as well as on a lot of others. WordPress’s servers are displaying significant instability. Meanwhile, while you are in the middle of an edit, the screen blinks off and says you can’t get to that page, but if you close it and look for it, it’s there — just not with all your edits. Sometimes, pictures you’ve added don’t show up for hours. They have a few tiny little issues.


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