WHERE’S THE BUS STOP? Marilyn Armstrong

This is the kind of normal question that anyone might ask in any town anywhere. Except if you ask it here, the responder will look at you quizzically. Because honest Abraham of Civil War fame, we don’t have any public transportation in this town.

If you need to go somewhere, you have a choice.

You can walk. You can hop on your bike, assuming it isn’t the middle of winter with roads full of snow and ice and you’re still young enough to do it. You can saddle up your horse (or hitch up the buggy) … or jump in whatever vehicle you own.

That’s it. I’m told that way back before we were living anywhere, they used to have a bus. I would certainly not object to having a mini-bus so old folks — like me — could get into town without having a driver. So far, no go, but I live in hope.

No Uber. No Lyft. No taxi. Nothing unless you drive. There are train tracks, but the trains don’t stop here and anyway, they are all freight trains, not for passengers.

We have tracks, but lack trains

Most people don’t take their horses to town, but it has happened. It makes the horses nervous, though and carrying back the groceries can be a bit clumsy. So mostly, it’s feet, trucks, and cars. We’re about 3-1/2 miles out of the village and we are definitely past hoofing it.

This is casket truck. Everyone needs a traveling casket, right?

Or maybe something smaller?

Public transportation isn’t part of the rural lifestyle. At some point, the trains did stop here. I only know it because we have a converted train station that’s now a real estate office. But once upon a time, it was an actual passenger station.

Does a school bus count?

School bus, in town. I think you need to be attending a local school to get a lift!

Photo: Garry Armstrong

15 thoughts on “WHERE’S THE BUS STOP? Marilyn Armstrong

  1. Mar, the Senior Center has transportation if you call and inquire about it. They take the Seniors into town and on shopping trips 2-3 times a week. Give them a call. I’m pretty sure you don’t have to be a “member” there.


    • I will. There are days when Garry just doesn’t want to go out. The problem at this point is really the heat. I can’t breathe in this humidity and heat and when the temps drop a little, I’ll need to shop seriously. But I don’t have an inhaler (can’t afford them) and breathing seems to be an issue for my lungs. I don’t know what their problem is, but they like breathing. But yes I’ll call. I don’t think you have to be a member to do anything there. I don’t think there’s a fee or even a signup sheet.


    • I don’t think so either, honestly. I see them picking up a neighbor of mine a couple times a week and dropping her back off, and I’m pretty sure shes not a member there. I would inquire, nothing to lose. Also, Uber is around, you just have to find the number for it and give them your location. I believe there is an app for it, but also there is a charge (of course). Personally, I’d go with the Senior Center if I could.

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  2. Have you thought about trading in the car for a couple of skateboards and some rope? You make lasso’s out of the rope and then hook yourself a passing motor going past your drive in the general direction you need to take. With a bit of ingenuity you can make the lasso untie from a bumper bar by a single tug and then catch another vehicle once the one you are tailing starts going ‘the wrong way’! 🙂

    In the not too distant future you’ll just book an autonomous e-vehicle that drives itself to your door and takes you on a one-way trip to your destination and then do the same when you wish to return. With no driver to pay it should be considerably cheaper than a taxi/Uber. Or possibly you could be able to simply send a hologram of yourself wherever in the world you wish to travel to or speak with?? 🙂

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    • I think that might happen in Boston, but it won’t happen here. Why not? Because our population is too small. Most of what people think is going on in the U.S. is only going on in cities and close-in suburbs. Out in the rustic open spaces, everything is pretty much just like it was when I was a kid, but less. Hitching to a passing motorist would imply there IS a passing motorist. There’s might be, but the road can also stay empty for hours at a time.

      We won’t have autonomous e-vehicles because we can’t afford to fix our broken sidewalks, put up some streetlights, or for that matter — ADD sidewalks to most parts of town that have none. We also don’t have pumps for fire trucks. The train flies through, but we have no train station. No Lyft, no Uber, no taxi. No buses.

      Small rural towns are not doing well. Unless you have some kind of business that pays taxes and employs people, you struggle along, but you don’t get bigger. Your community shrinks and that’s what we are doing. It’s happening all over the country and probably, the rest of the world too.

      Many of these great new modern inventions won’t show up here because there’s no money to buy them and not enough people with the money to make use of them. And yet it IS a beautiful little town.

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