WHICH WAY? – Marilyn Armstrong

SonOfABeach’s Which Way Photographs

Which way to go on a bright, hot, murky summer’s day? I think we’re going to hit the grocery store, but not until late in the day. It is simply too hot and muggy to be outside right now.

Main Street

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  1. Great pics; and a welcome word-play!


  2. Love these! Thanks so much for joining in. 😊


    • I haven’t done this in a while, so I guess I had a lot of stuff stored up. How’s your wifi? Ours has been up and down for the past few days. It was out most of yesterday and last night. Big electrical storms and strong winds have been knocking out connections all over the place!


      • We’re having our “monsoon” season here in Arizona. Monsoon? Really, they actually describe our sky’s constipated effort to rain on the city a “Monsoon.” Threatening clouds gather. There’s a lot of noise, grunting, rolling thunder likened only to a huge digestive tract working on a big meal…, then…, nothing. The one thing that disturbs me is that we, of the city, are on the outside of the “sky sphincter” thus, if she lets loose we are deluged with torrents, maybe high winds, and the inevitable inability of the paved expanse of the city to absorb the water fast enough, so we get “cumulonimbus diarrhea” (flash flooding as it were).

        Rain is an important part of the desert, but man’s need to adapt the land to his needs, has changed a natural occurrence into something catastrophic.

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