“I don’t have a racist bone in my body!”

“He doesn’t have a racist bone in his body!”

I’ve heard that phrase more times than I can remember over my life. It’s a defense that racist people say when they want to show that something they just said or did isn’t … well, racist as hell. It was most recently uttered by the Racist-In-Chief as he was defending himself from saying incredibly racist things.

Things you would normally only hear at a KKK rally. Certainly not from the White House.

But then again, these days the difference between a KKK rally and a Presidential press conference is getting harder and harder to differentiate.

So, this got me to thinking. What exactly is a racist bone? How are bones racist? If you’re racist, are all your bones racist? Are just some of them racist? If only some of your bones are racist, does it matter which ones are?

For instance, if say, your femur, the largest bone in your body is racist does that make you more racist than if say the stapes, the smallest bone in the body is racist.

“Hey, my only racist bone is the stapes! The tiny bone in my ear. I’m only a tiny bit racist!”

How can I be racist? I’m so tiny! Isn’t that like being a tiny bit pregnant?

And why is it limited to bones? Can other organs be racist?

“That man doesn’t have a racist muscle in his body!”

“He doesn’t have a racist spleen in his body!”

“Well, his stomach might be a tiny bit racist. Whenever he eats Mexican food it screams ‘Go back to where you came from!’ And then he throws up. Forced deportation!”

Basically, whenever someone says, “I don’t have a racist bone in my body, that may be true. Their bones may not be racist, but they definitely are.

Whenever someone says, “I don’t want to sound like a racist but… the next thing to come of their mouth will be really racist.”

“Whenever someone says, “I don’t want to sound like a bigot but… the next thing out of their mouth will be really bigoted.”

“Whenever someone says, “I don’t want to sound like an anti-Semite but …” Well, you get the idea.

We’ve always known racism exists in this country. It’s sadly baked into our national DNA. We all have a racist Uncle, Grandma, Grandpa, cousin, brother or sister. Every bar has a regular that sits at the end of the bar and spouts racist bullshit. Here’s the thing: we used to pretty much ignore them.

“Oh, it’s just Grandma. Don’t pay any attention to her.”

“Oh, it’s just Earl. He’s an asshole. Don’t pay any attention to him.”

In the 70’s the TV show All In The Family was groundbreaking. Archie Bunker was the racist relative we all had. He said all the racist things they all thought but never said, and said them on network TV.

That was the point. In the old days — about four years ago — you could be racist, but you weren’t supposed to say it out loud. In public. He did and everybody was supposed to be shocked and alarmed by it.

Those were the old days. Today, we live in a world where 60 million people voted for a racist who started his racist campaign by saying incredibly racist things about Latinos. They are murderers, rapists, gang members, liberals!!!And it’s gone downhill from there.

We now have rallies where thousands of racists get together to chant “Send her back” and they say it with glee. It’s now OK to be a racist. It’s OK to be a bigot.

Racism has always been around. It’s an infection that has festered under the skin of America since America began. But now the festering boil has come to the surface. And when a boil comes to the surface it eventually bursts and all the pus comes out.

The boil on America came out and somehow made it to the White House and the pus is coming out. And there’s so much more of it than anybody imagined possible.

But there’s not a racist bone in any of their bodies.

Except maybe the stapes. The tiny bone in your ear. If you don’t have that, how can you hear all the racist shit your fellow racists are saying?

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  1. I have personally met many “non-racist” racists. Didn’t get to examine their bones tho.

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  2. It’s amazing the degree to which people will defend racism by claiming it isn’t racist. Over on another blog I read and comment on there’s a Trump sycophant in the comments section who defends literally everything he says and does. Yesterday he was trying to tell us that the “Send her back!” chants weren’t racist at all. They were expressions of “frustration” by people who were angry that “elites” have been “trashing their values.” Hmm, values like…racism? Racism is a cult and it blinds its followers to the most obvious truths.

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    • Yup. I just read an article about his last rally. There was a guy pointing at a black guy who was there as proof they were not racist. When they went to talk to the guy he told them he most certainly wasn’t a Trump supporter. He just came to the stadium when ever people were there to sing gospel songs and collect spare change.

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  3. Wonderful post. The tragedy is that in this environment it is okay to BE RACIST.

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  4. So well written, Tom! Jackie, that’s a tense type of situation to find oneself in, and I’ve seen some articles online about how to safely diffuse them and also what NOT to do. For example:

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  5. I think we don’t understand his anatomy.
    His brain is in his ass, so it’s possible that he may not have bones at all. He’s like one of those Stretch Armstrong dolls, only not as cool.

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  6. First off, I live in Canada, but was born in Ireland, so I am an immigrant.
    The other day, here in Toronto, on the busiest corner, there was an Asian man holding a board with writing in Chinese(?) not uncommon on this corner. There is always something happening, whether a Muslim asking for hugs etc. We Torontonians embrace this diversity and go on our way. BUT the other day my husband and I saw a white man yell and point his finger at the Asian man and say “go back to your own country”. We were shocked, he crossed the street still muttering about going back to where you came from. We stopped to watch, ready to step in, cameras ready, when he just walked on.
    How does one handle this? I want to step in, but I am a small older woman, my husband would gladly step in, probably to his detriment. So hard to know what to do.

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    • That is so sad. Our racism is like a virus. I wrote a blog about a year ago that was about how we needed to apologize to Canada. Maybe you guys need to build a wall to keep us out.

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      • It’s as if Trump has enabled/empowered our politician racists to come out and behave the same way. Last year Ontario elected a premier who is racist and intent on ruining this province, Doug Ford. He promised a buck-a-beer as his campaign! He’s ruining our hospitals, schools etc.
        Now up for election as a Federal leader, Andrew Scheer, a conservative, is running a hate campaign as his platform against Trudeau. Scheer is Roman Catholic, very religious, against abortion, equal marriage, trans rights and euthanasia.
        Here’s a good article.

        And again, the same thing in Britain with Johnson.
        It is becoming the way of the world.


  7. Such a perfect post

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  8. …and then they follow it up with, ‘Trust me.’ And all hell breaks loose. Good post, Tom.

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