FOWC with Fandango — Orphan Although most of us never plan to go home again to live, there's always somewhere, way back in our minds, the realization that if terrible things happen and everything else fails, we can go home. We wouldn't like it and they probably wouldn't care for it, either. We might even hate … Continue reading ULTIMATELY, WE ALL ARE ORPHANED – Marilyn Armstrong

Recant Your Racist Rants, Donald; End Hate Talk in America – REBLOG – The Shinbone Star

I’d love to just add a full list of all the racist, bigoted, ugly call-outs and epithets from “our president.” The man who hates anyone who isn’t from his silver-spoon background. Who didn’t grow up well-to-do or, preferably, rich. The one who pointed out that there were “good people on both sides” in Charlottesville. The evil bastard who has caged children and thinks it’s okay to put 4-year-olds in court and ask them if they understand the immigration laws. I don’t understand them, probably because they do not make sense — and I’m 72 with a college education.

Trump is one of the ugliest human beings to inhabit our planet and having him as president makes me sick to my stomach. The damage he has done is going to be hard to repair, if it is repairable and I’m not sure it is. To our freedom. To our ecology. To our belief in our nation as a good place for people to live.

WE are one of those shithole countries and Donald, you made it this way. And you left the rest of us no place to hide in this ugly, toxic world.



It’s time to walk back your angry, hate-filled, racist talk as leader of our country, Donald J. Trump, or your call on Monday for all Americans to condemn racism, bigotry and white supremacy will be shown for what it probably is: another political stunt.

Lead the way on this much-needed social change in our country or get out of the White House. We don’t need political theater we need reality government. Action now – not just words, needs to rule the day.

What prompts this call for Trump to put up or shut up? For 10-minutes on Monday he read from a teleprompter prepared remarks designed to set a national tone for ending domestic terrorist attacks in our country, the majority of which have been carried out by supporters of white supremacy and Trump.

Trump needed to speak on this topic in the aftermath of last weekend’s mass shootings in…

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IS THIS THE END OF DAYS? – Marilyn Armstrong

I know, because I keep reading about it, how "end of days" is supposed to work. This is when the good guys (not me or mine) will go wafting upward to heaven whilst the unshriven and/or non-religious, disbelievers, and the many who believe in "the wrong gods" are left behind in a world of Bad … Continue reading IS THIS THE END OF DAYS? – Marilyn Armstrong

HACKED AND HATING IT – Marilyn Armstrong

We Did It! — Maybe?        RDP Monday: PRINCE I'm sorry. Didn't use the "word of the day" because this needed to go out to everyone I could send it to. No matter how little you pay attention to what's going on in your technical department, you should read this because it really does matter to you and … Continue reading HACKED AND HATING IT – Marilyn Armstrong