IS THIS THE END OF DAYS? – Marilyn Armstrong

I know, because I keep reading about it, how “end of days” is supposed to work. This is when the good guys (not me or mine) will go wafting upward to heaven whilst the unshriven and/or non-religious, disbelievers, and the many who believe in “the wrong gods” are left behind in a world of Bad People. Or, at least not good enough to be drawn into heaven.

Eschatology is a part of theology concerned with the final events of history or the ultimate destiny of humanity. This concept is commonly referred to as the “end of the world” or “end times.” In Judaism, the end times are usually called the “end of days” (aḥarit ha – yamim, אחרית הימים).

If ever we’ve faced a genuine “end of days” for all of humankind — rather than for a specific group of people at who is one of the many current objects of local (but highly effective) genocide, it’s right now. This oncoming “change of climate” is no local holocaust on some “other” continent. This is the one that is going to hit everyone, though not everyone at the same time.

And there will be no gentle ascension into heaven for the praiseworthy and most righteous. To put it in musical terms, one more Tom Lehrer song for those who like a little humor with the “end of the world.”

Now, of course, we don’t expect to do it in one big flash-bang of bombs, though given one thing and another, that’s not entirely out of the picture … but this is still a good summary number.

Me being me, I never expected to go wafting up to heaven but I also didn’t think I would hit my 70s and wonder if the world was going to survive through my granddaughter’s midlife crisis.

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  1. That sentence:
    I used to pick up the newspaper and laugh. I’d say, isn’t that ridiculous or silly. But now I pick up the paper and I have to wait till breakfast is over because it’s just going to ruin it. …. I read many a times already, it’s also attributed to Tom Lehrer. Sounds as if it could be!


  2. This was *such* a treat! Listened all day to his songs and acerbic comments! What a cynic, satirist, a glorious entertainer/comedian and brilliant piano player too. It was fascinating to get to know this story (or at least ‘a bit’).

    I found this link of great interest:
    As he seems to be still alive and kicking AND is a neighbour of yours, I salute him and send my best wishes!


    • He actually USED to be a neighbor, but he moved out to California about 10 years ago. He IS still alive. Although he “entertained,” mostly, he was a mathematics professor at Harvard and I understand a very good one. I didn’t go to Harvard (way out of my lifestyle!), but those he knew him said he always had a very classy sense of humor.

      In total, I think he wrote maybe 50 songs. If he’d written more, he’d have published more. He was VERY popular and still is, even after all these years. Never goes out of style.

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  3. Interesting. I told someone I had a conversation with (this was recently) that ‘our’ generation(s) didn’t really expect to live so damned long. My hubby was greatly shocked and dismayed to hit 60. His death at 62 was probably the best thing he could envision. He got his wish. Me? I want about another twelve years and I’d be more than satisfied. But with all the advances in medicine and new medications and all this b.s., everyone is living a whole lot longer. I’ve mostly stopped doing anything to prolong my life…getting scans and X-rays and all that. I don’t want to live a whole lot longer. The earth ain’t gonna improve and why stick around to watch all that happen? I’ve seen too much already. I have no illusions about wafting up to some restricted heaven. If they exclude certain folks for their skin color, their religious views and all the other labels man is preoccupied with, send me where the dogs and animals are. I’d like it better there thanks.


    • No God I could believe in could exclude anyone of decent character, a few flaws and all.

      I should make a brief clarification. My brother died (cancer) about 12 years ago. He was not a believer, but he was one of the most generous people I’ve ever known. I remember having a long chat with our church’s minister and said: “If my brother can’t go to Heaven, there’s no point in Heaven.”

      Pastor agreed.


  4. He’s priceless even now (Tom Lehrer), we can laugh but how close to the truth is it?


  5. Many years ago I read a book, by Hal Lindsey, titled “The Late Great Planet Earth.” Hal was a Bible Thumper, albeit a much more down to earth (NPI) who spoke in English and described the Bible IN plain English in ways that made a lot of sense. He was especially concerned with The Book of Revelations, which explains the fate of mankind and his propensity to let things get out of hand, requiring the return of Christ and God’s intervention into the affairs of man. Apparently God had had enough and decided to finally break his silence. Of course many things are to happen, according to prophesy, before God wields his mighty sword, to put things back in order. I’m not a church going, temple member of society as I already had little trust in mankind’s ability to behave in civil ways towards one another. As a result I distrusted all religions as they all seemed after the same thing but pursued these things with violence towards any not a part of their particular group. Hal deciphers much of revelations and points out similarities to events of our time. What has amazed me is that while I considered, Late Great Planet Earth, one of many such books, what he points out seems to be taking place. So I ask, if it’s not Trump, who is the Anti-Christ? Next, who is this charismatic leader, supposedly able to pull the proverbial wool over the eyes of the world? So, climate change, general unrest everywhere, wanton disregard for scientific warnings, melting ice caps, rising seas, military threats, a white race afraid of being over run by people of color (the rest of the world) etc.

    So, are we, in fact, smack dab in the middle of the “End of Days?”


  6. Delighted to hear Tom Lehrer again! I used to play his records in some of my English classes years ago.

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