14 thoughts on “MONTHLY COLOR CHALLENGE – SEPIA! – Marilyn Armstrong”

        1. Anyplace where there’s a lot of iron or copper in the ground. I know it’s also in our water. It’s why my hair is yellow, even though it oughta be white. And it leaves hard to remove lines on sinks and toilets.


  1. We tend to think of Sepia as the shade of old or edited images, we rarely think of it as an actual colour. I love that you found something that reflects the natural Sepia shades without an edit, thank you Marilyn.


    1. Lots of iron in the earth and water. It changes my hair color and makes all the white clothing just a little bit yellow. It’s not really BAD for us. Iron, whether you drink it or take it as a pill, is the same stuff anyway, but it does make the earth quite red.

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    1. I’m not sure what the stairway is made of. It could be wood, it might be stone. Probably wood — easier to work with. I didn’t walk up that far. The ground is VERY uneven and it’s easy to fall there even if you are carefully watching your feet.

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