NEW ENGLAND GARDENS – Marilyn Armstrong

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – Gardens

The gardens of New England are a bit tired as we go into August. Most of my flowers are early summer flowers. They used to bloom in May and June, but recently they bloom in late June and July. Right now, it just looks awful! The Daylilies are gone, the roses are pretty, but there aren’t a lot of them.

And in the water …

22 thoughts on “NEW ENGLAND GARDENS – Marilyn Armstrong

  1. It always seems sad to me when the garden tires because it signals the end of (or nearly the end of) summer. While I love autumn and autumnal colours, there’s something truly special and wonderful about summer gardens. Spring’s promise is so exciting but the reality is exquisite.


    • Sadly, by August, it doesn’t look like that anymore. By August, the daylilies are dead and the roses are just a few stragglers and the last of the spring flowers are gone for the year. It would be nice if they would last a few weeks longer and we do have other flowers coming up in late September, the ‘fall’ crowd. But August is pretty dull.


  2. This is eye-watering, I’m a bit jealous – my ‘garden’ looks like a prairie after a fire, brown, wilted, AGAIN I lost hydrangeas to the hot dry weather. They are also totally unsuitably planted where the sun shines on them, but if they continue to die at that rate, there will soon be nothing to worry about. Maybe the future new owner will do something serious about them.
    My day lilies have bloomed, a short time of exuberant joy and colours, last week I’ve pulled up the stems and dust-dry leaves, their beds look as fields do after the harvest.


    • We chopped down ours, leaving the root of course. They are gone for the year. We might get a few more Rhododendrons, but that’s pretty much “it.” In essence, our looks like crap too. I don’t take the pictures when it looks bad. Does anyone?

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