The first time I heard this song, I must have been maybe nine or ten? The older brother of a friend of mine owned the record. He brought it over and played it for me. I loved it.

I borrowed the record and memorized it. Including the tritone that is extremely hard to sing. Somehow, I feel it needs a broader audience today.

I’m pretty sure you’ll understand why.

14 thoughts on “THE HUNTING SONG, TOM LEHRER – Marilyn Armstrong

    • We live in deer hunting country and when the hunters gather, they don’t seem to notice that PEOPLE LIVE HERE. I’m always afraid of me, Garry, or the dogs getting hit. So far, so good. And yes, it is pretty funny.

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  1. I think our deer season is in October. Everything comes to a stop and all the men head out to the woods to play.
    Again Tome Lehrer sings a great song.


  2. oh the fun of this – what I like about this guy is that he not only has quite a brilliant voice, a clear diction but is also an accomplished pianist. I don’t know many people who can play and sing at the same time (and pull faces too!).
    Thanks for sharing!


    • Not many people play well enough to play and sing and entertain. A few. Victor Borge was another one. I never could. I did (probably still do) have the Tom Lehrer songbook and can play many of his pieces — the easier ones (some are pretty hard, actually). But everyone ELSE had to sing!

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      • They certainly don’t ‘sound’ easy to play – it’s a great gift, as is being able to play without scores. My brother surprised us all when he sat down at the piano for our wedding apéro and started to play jazz music…. I’m still stunned by this surprise – and not only did he play beautifully and with all the necessary syncopes and stuff, but he had, just like a real bar pianist, a cigarette between his lips and a glass of a drink on the piano lid! 🙂 We did the singing, gladly!!!! Fond memories, 21yrs+ later.


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