I BEG TO DIFFER … Marilyn Armstrong

FOWC with Fandango — Differ

Garry casually dropped into the kitchen and said, “Jeffrey Epstein is dead.”

“Seriously?” I said.

“Really?” said Ben, who is visiting from Arizona.

“Well, that’s what the headline said” Garry reiterated.

Jeffrey Epstein, Probably Dead

When I finished making coffee and muffins and finally made it to the computer, I had to go through most of my email until I finally found the headline. Frankly, Fandango’s “How convenient,” seemed a better explanation.

Not like we are all getting paranoid, but it is awfully convenient. Frankly, I was looking forward to a long, involved trial that would really improve the quality of late-night television comedy.

I had a list of possible people who would stand up, take oaths on the bible, then lie like crazy in court, all of which would be followed by a  multi-part television serial.

CBS? Fox? Netflix? HBO? Originally I thought a two-parter, but when I added up the witnesses — for both the prosecution and the defense — I realized at least a three-parter and who knows? Four? Two complete seasons?

It had serious television potential.

Now the show will be authored at attempts to unravel the paranoia of his “death.” I mean … is he dead? Was he spirited away to a secret paradisical island?  Lifted away by rogue CIA agents who are water-boarding him in a black room in Guantanamo?

How about carried away by enraged women and lord only knows what THEY are doing to him. Secret cameras anywhere? Oh, this could be really too hot even for our media to handle.

I’m not at all sure he was spirited away to a lovely little tropical island. I beg to differ. I think he might have been taken away by parties who intend to show him the real meaning of suffering, thus to go through a far better punishment than any court could arrange.

I just wish I’d been invited to the party.

24 thoughts on “I BEG TO DIFFER … Marilyn Armstrong

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  2. I’ve been out most of the day and just got around to reading this. I’m not on Twitter but my wife is and she has been telling me all about the myriad conspiracy theories, including one that Trump retweeted alleging that Hillary did it to prevent a scandal involving her husband. This is our president, for crissake.


    • Garry just wandered into the kitchen and said, “Jeffrey Epstein is dead.” Okay, then.

      I figure this guy had so many enemies — and can you imagine how much they’d have LOVED him in the general population of prison? Anyway, we’ve got company too and it’s been a busy day and WILL be busy for at least another four or five days. But good. Fun kind of good and we need that.

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  3. I heard that he probably would never live long enough to go to trial. Hopefully, his victims will be able to clean out his estate.


  4. Just had to check this online – it can’t be right that I get those news from you and not from either Stephen Colbert or Trevor Noah…. 😉


  5. That death, whether real or plotted, is suspicious to me. It is convenient. I suspect some really unsavory beans were going to be spilled by the alleged dead man, and some of those beans might make a trail straight to the top. Couldn’t have THAT, now could we? Proof positive that pedophilia and trafficking of children for unsavory purposes are alive and well and living in our highest seats of power. Damn. This ‘news’ (and it is news I suppose, from a certain point of view…to me? It’s just another dirt bag that died and *yawn*) further supports my fervent wish to die and soon. This ‘reality’ is just getting too ugly to stand (or sit). Bleah. If that dirt bag was spirited away to an undisclosed location where all the amenities money can buy are on tap 24/7 (including children for sale or rent), I hope the crabs come in the night and gnaw his balls off, and then starting with his little toe eat the rest of him. I’d feel bad for those crabs. That indigestion would probably outlast their lives…

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    • Well, two schools of thought on this one and I agree with both. I think absolutely, the man knew too much about too many important people. And then again, he had an exorbitant amount of money to give away to a rescuer.

      He had a vast quantity of enemies and plenty of people to bribe. Pick your favorites. There were plenty of folks who wanted him dead and a greedy few who didn’t care, just pay the money.


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