MELLOW YELLOW – Marilyn Armstrong

A Photo a Week Challenge: Yellow

We were away for three days and the bananas didn’t do well. Three of them literally fell apart when I tried to stack them up and were too gooey even for a photograph. Two made it, but they are still going into the trash.

Bananas don’t last. But, lucky for me, Garry brought home a batch of acorn squash, so I have yellow on yellow. I suppose the acorn squash is more ochre … but that’s sort of yellow, right?


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14 thoughts on “MELLOW YELLOW – Marilyn Armstrong”

      1. I’ve already pled guilty to buying too much fruit. Good intentions aren’t always wise decisions.


    1. Slmret, we had a guest – an old friend visiting from Arizona. I was trying to make sure we had enough fruit to enjoy healthy eating. I distanced myself from temptations like pretzels, salty mini-“baseballs”, etc. I bought too much stuff. Yesterday, I ate one of the overripe bananas. It was super-soft but not rotten. I enjoyed the squash I brought yesterday along with the store-cooked spiced fried chicken. Funny, I enjoyed the squash more than the chicken. Doesn’t happen too often.


    1. it’s a big green squash that is orange inside. They are really popular to grow in gardens because once they get started, they REALLY GROW. People who grow acorn squash are always eager to give you bags and bags of it. How do you cook it? There are a million recipes. Mashed as a side dish, as a pudding, baked. It’s pretty sweet (naturally) so it also makes a pretty good pie. It reminds me of sweet potatoes in terms of taste. Lots of vitamin A. Yum.

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  1. I have one banana left of the four I bought when I did my last big shop. It’s still good, I know because I just ate its buddy. This one may end up as a banana cake. Of course, they would never last so well in summer.


    1. There are all kinds of things you can do with them. They are not my favorite veggie, but Garry likes them and I don’t hate them. AND I know they are good for me, so I eat them. I like them better baked with a bit of butter and seasoning and they do make a great pie.

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