When I moved to Israel in 1979, I thought I knew something. After all, I read books, I knew the history.

After I had lived there for 9 years, I realized I knew nothing at all. There is SO much right and wrong on BOTH sides and everyone had a good reason for whatever they’ve done.

It’s about the past and ironically, not about the ancient past but about the past since the 1920s or thereabouts. Because in more ancient times, Jews and Arabs got along well — FAR better than Jews and Christians or Muslims and Christians. Christians only got along with their own KIND of Christians. They didn’t even get along with each other if they were slightly different sects. In fact, they still don’t.

The British got this mess started. It gave them a reason to plant their flag in the soil and say “We have to stay here to keep the peace” when the absence of peace was of their own making.

This is why I’ve said it before and I’ll repeat it again.


Terrible things happened and who did the more terrible thing? Does it really MATTER? They can’t go back and fix what broke. What happened, happened. What they need to understand is if they stay frozen in the past, they will NEVER find a future. Hatred breeds hatred from generation to generation and no one’s life is made better as a result. NO ONE has a better life because they hate.

I remember once sitting up in the Banias talking about how hopeless it seemed and realizing that as long as everyone believed that their version of the past was the only one which counted, there would be no progress now or ever. It’s the main reason I left and came back here. Who knew the same evil would follow me home?

According to Terry Pratchett

I’m sure these people have said hateful things and they should take them back. Hate is not the same as disagreement. You know it, I know it. Everyone knows it. We all have to stop hating and recognize that people — all people everywhere — have more in common than differences.

The irony is that most Israelis are NOT religious. Most Arabs are not orthodox, either. We could get along. Our kids get along until some adult tells them they can’t.

Jews need a homeland. They have nowhere else to go. Arabs have a lot of homelands and despite rumors to the contrary, many Arabs live in Israel and build a life there. Maybe imperfect, but my life isn’t perfect either. Israel may be a “newbie” in these centuries, but not always a newbie. And many of the Arab countries were created from existing nations.

On some level, most countries are “new” at some point. The world didn’t come into existence with national-lines drawn with various placenames so we could live nearby and fight all the time.

Hitler managed to do a pretty good job killing off most of the Jews in Europe and many Jew-hating countries helped finish the job even after WW2 was over. Israel is a tiny piece of land. No oil, no aquifer, not rich. Maybe two peoples could share it? Why not give it a try? There’s little to lose and much to gain.

Donald Trump believes in hate. It’s his thing. He really must have had a terrible childhood to be so totally centered on hate. Does he have any love in him? That he has worked so hard to fill the United States with people who hate others without a single reason — except they had the misfortune to listen to their so-called president. 

Hate never makes the world better. Never in history has hatred spawned a better world, neighborhood, nation, or faith. Never does hate make better, only uglier and eviler.

That Trump has managed to take his hatred and spread it around is appalling. If you know anything about the 20th century, this is how we got the world wars into gear. World War 1 was a tinderbox, waiting for the first match to blow it up into the biggest butcher bill our world ever saw. The next butcher bill could conceivably be worse.

It could be total annihilation.

I keep thinking we are better than this. All of us. Humankind is better than this. Why do we let the worst of us force the march? What’s the matter with us?

I’ve been blogging for seven years. More than seven years if you want to count the little blogs that preceded this one and I’ve been a writer since I was old enough to grab a pencil and form letters. These days, I’m tired. My heart and I are not doing well and I’m not looking at a long road ahead.

I desperately want to see a better world while I’m still alive. In the United States. And in the U.K, Israel, Russia, China, Korea … everywhere where hate appears to be winning and the rest of us are being flattened by racism and despair.

We cannot hate our way to a better world. I am living in a world I never wanted, surrounded by people I thought knew better. Was my life a total waste? Was yours?

You can’t build a future on hate, but you can build an end. Hate will not make America great. It will tear it to shreds.

“They Hate All Jews” – Fandango

FOWC with Fandango — Newbie

38 thoughts on “YOU CAN’T BUILD A FUTURE ON HATE – Marilyn Armstrong

  1. I doubt we’ve encountered a time in history (and as you mentioned there have been many occasions) that hate was so central to the actions of others and fanned into giant fires that threaten us all. It’s contemptible and horrific.


    • I swear that an unwillingness (fear?) of letting go of the past is what causes most human misery. We find all the emotional pieces that hurt and we keep irritating them to see how MUCH they can hurt. And so we suffer, even though we are the only ones suffering and are not causing any discomfort to those we hate. Letting go of the past IS the only way forward. For everyone one, every nation. There’s no alternative.

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  2. These two representatives will never learn anything about Israel by being banned from visiting. Dignitaries could have shown them the country, but our hater in chief appealed to the PM to refuse them entry. 45 wishes to keep the hate going.


  3. Your words in ‘their’ (there we go!) ears…. The Israeli/Palestinian ‘war’ really and very sadly doesn’t look like being a peaceful co-habitation soon and it hasn’t for far too long. I visited Israel in the late 80th, friends visited this year, the situation seemed then and now unchanged. Hate *never* was the solution to anything.
    Your post should be compulsary reading to all in politics. Again, sadly, it will pass unread and mostly not taken into consideration by nearly everybody. My heart aches far too much for all the damage and suffering created around us, everywhere, with no solutions in sight.
    I wish you good/better/at least some health and a strong enough heart! We need people like you to stay around and have their say.

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    • I know. I figured this out while I lived there. I realized that everyone was hating someone because of something that happened in the past — recently or longer ago. Didn’t matter. And as long as everyone was stuck in the past, there was no future. No one was listening then and no one is listening now, but you can’t build anything on hate. Hate just gets worse and worse, generation by generation. What really happened become myth and truth disappears and then there’s ever more hate. Right now, we are building a world on hate — and that isn’t going to make anything better. For anyone. Anywhere.

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      • It’s intersting how, in my life, things and themes always ‘fall together’. Long discussion on ‘greed and hate and What to do’ last Sunday. Then different interpretations of greed and What’s the opposite of ‘greed’. Then (bear with me), 2 days later I stumble over a sentence of Encounter your enemy with doing something good to him…. As I have plenty of time to do my thinking (very important), I thought just HOW horribly unhappy those people must be and that being nice to them, doing them a favour, would either provoke them more and make them even angrier OR it could weaken their shield of anger….. but who knows in which direction it goes?
        And then comes Marilyn with this post – hit me right in the stomach, girl.


    • It is a stupid war funded by other countries who stand to gain from war in the middle east — Russia and China to name two and the U.S. to name three. If all those “donations” went away, I’m pretty sure things could be patched up fast. As long as there’s money to be made by someone, the war will never end.


      • AMEN!!! “You can’t build a future on hate, but you can build an end. Hate will not make America great. It will tear it to shreds.” I AGREE 110% with you, Marilyn! FINALLY, someone who feels like I do about this “BAD DUDE” and just a washed-up fake Reality Star! Lol.

        HATE Will Never Move Any Country including America FORWARD … Cat


        • The future belongs to the positive and hopeful. To move on to a better world, you have to be able to SEE a better world. You have to be enough of an optimist to believe how good we could be if we would work together. But there don’t seem to be enough of us anymore. Everyone is busy hating someone. Good things never come from that.

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          • You are spot on. And it starts at the TOP with our President! If he continues to spew “Hate” in the media? Nothing GOOD can come from it. Hense? All the “Bad” going on in our country … He should be setting an Example. Cat xoxo


    • He has no brakes or barrier to stop his hatred and bigotry.
      He’s stumping in New Hampshire tonight so local stations are covering. Another reason I am glad to be retired.

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