In the course of visiting Tom and Ellin, Tom and I decided one night that Donald Trump is the antichrist. Now since neither of us is religious or even tangentially Christian, this might be considered a rather odd conclusion for two effective atheists to reach.

But the thing is, if there is an antichrist, Trump has to be it. I spent some time looking up who and what the antichrist is and it has to be him. Because this is his time. He is alive and busy destroying the world, just like he is supposed to.

In Christian eschatology, the antichrist is someone recognized as fulfilling the Biblical prophecies about one who will oppose Christ and substitute himself in Christ’s place. The term is found five times in the New Testament, solely in the First and Second Epistle of John. Or anyway, that’s what Wikipedia has to say, but biblical study groups have a lot more to say and none of it is good.

This is the man who will bring the end-times. He is definitely working on it. Full time, too. I don’t even think he takes out time to sleep. He’s too busy wrecking the world.

Revelation in the New Testament and the books Daniel, Ezekiel, and Isaiah in the Torah — provide ample fodder for end-time speculation.

From the “beasts” in Daniel and Revelation to the epic battle in Ezekiel, the use of symbolism and metaphor has made practicing prophecy a struggle yet also, a bizarre form of entertainment for some of the more demented among us.

Why not? Every time I watch the news, I feel slightly more demented than I did before. Sometimes I also feel nauseated, but mostly, insane.

The following is a quote, but I honestly couldn’t figure out where it came from. I think it’s a blog, but I couldn’t find a title for it. This is its link and if you are into this stuff, you probably will enjoy reading more of it. It’s not long, but I don’t know who wrote it. If you recognize it as yours, please let me know!

“Trump does fit several of the criteria attached to popular perceptions of the Antichrist. Many earnest sources of apocalyptic speculation, including the best-selling Left Behind series by the late Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins, imagine the Antichrist as a truly modern figure. Although the wildly popular 17-book series, which was published between 1995 and 2007 and has sold over 65 million copies, is fictional, the vision embraced by LaHaye and Jenkins portrays the coming apocalypse as an event where non-believers are forced to reckon with the damage wrought by the Antichrist. Here, the Antichrist is a worldly, charismatic man, often of Eastern European and Jewish heritage, who embraces modern technology and institutions for his own sinister ends. This interpretation, which is common among a large subset of American Evangelicals, believes the Antichrist’s reign — a period known as the “tribulation” — will follow the rapture of true followers of Christ.

It’s easy to extrapolate this to Trump. He’s vainglorious, charismatic (at least in the eyes of some Americans), and obsessed with wealth.

Kushner Companies, a real estate company jointly owned by Jared Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law, and Trump, is headquartered at 666 5th Avenue.

Trump, while not Eastern European himself, has a proclivity for Eastern European women and promises better relations with Russia, a country that figures prominently in 20th and 21st-century apocalyptic tales. And while Trump says that his favorite book is the Bible, he did once note that he’s “not sure” as to whether he’s asked God for forgiveness of his sins.”

If he starts asking for forgiveness now, he might never finish the request. There’s so much for which he needs to apologize and ask forgiveness. Since he keeps doing more and more terrible things, he’ll never run out of sins.

There’s a lot of antichrist stuff on the Internet and all you have to do it type “antichrist” into Google and the world of end-times will open up to you.

It doesn’t matter what you believe. Something, nothing, something else, even something no one has yet heard of. It’s pretty easy to fit our prez into the antichrist format. You could actually as easily add Putin or Boris Johnson. They could, in fact, all be in it together. Why not? How bad does it have to get before we believe the real Satan from Hell is running our world? I swear I’ve seen his hoof prints wherever I look. How about you?

I have always been a bit dubious about God … but the King of Evil? He’s easy peasy. About every 50 years, some evil bastard rises up and decides to destroy as much of the world as he can before he is eventually quashed by the rest of the world. But this time, he and they have weapons that literally can end the world and if they don’t do it with weaponry, they can do it by allowing climate change to take the planet and make it unliveable.

One way or the other, it’s not looking good for humans. Oh please, give me a ray of hope. I need one!

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  1. I used to think that I could count on you to always shine even a sliver of optimism whenever I was feeling like we are all in darkness and are doomed. But I found nothing to assuage my pessimistic perspectives in this post of yours. You were my last bastion of hope, Marilyn, but now you, too, sound hopeless.


  2. Frightening that our leaders are so self-absorbed, they only worship themselves…


  3. Marilyn, you had me on the floor with this one. I think those “Left Behind” books were the first appearance of the antichrist, if there is an antichrist. I prefer the company of the “left behind”. When we were kids, that kind of end-of-the-world religion was so outrageous that we couldn’t take it seriously, and look at us now. I suppose if there were an antichrist he might be likely to be a guest speaker at Liberty University to prove his Christian credentials by quoting from “Two Corinthians”! And we would know for sure that he was the antichrist…because all Jerry Falwell and the entire auditorium would break into enthusiastic applause.

    The fact is those who read the Bible this way have no idea what they’re reading. They have not a clue what apocalyptic literature was as a genre of theo-political dissent and resistance to the powers of their own time.

    Okay, you’re right. I give up. DJT is the antichrist! 😇😳


  4. I’m not religious either, but this description fits so perfectly. He is anti-Christian belief, anti-Christian ideas, anti-human, anti-American. Anti-decent. Anti-intelligent. I’ll go with Anti-Christ.


  5. The problem is not only is he the anti-christ but the Anti-Christ is Fredo.


    • What a pathetic bunch we have become. Garry says he caught a piece of our conversation and wishes he’d joined in. But apparently, you can have quite a few antichrists — at the same time. They work in crowds. Cool.


  6. I totally agree with your theory. Last night when I caught a few seconds of his speech in some rally he was saying that people need to re-elect him, even if they don’t want to because the markets will crash if he is not elected. I felt so depressed. That’s why I avoid the news and live tv.


  7. But…but…I thought Barack Obama was the Antichrist? I mean, wasn’t that what the evangelical nutjobs were telling us for 8 years? Actually I think from their point of view it’s exactly reversed: they think Trump literally +is* Christ! They worship him like he is, anyway. Isn’t there something in the Bible about idolatry? Oh, maybe Trump redacted that bit. I heard that he wrote the Bible, so I guess he can revise it any time he wants.

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    • Yeah, he WAS the antichrist or more to the point (right now), the forerunner of the antichrists and there doesn’t need to be one. There can be a whole boatload of them. I think, looking around the world, we could make up a nice little boatload of antichrists. Every generation, someone decides someone is “it.” It was FDR. It was Bush. It was Obama. It was definitely Hitler. Now, we’ve got Trump, but let’s not omit Boris the Johnson, the UK idiot supreme.

      We have an amazing ability to grow evil people. It’s part of the “stupid” factor in our genetic structure.

      Oh, and worshiping the antichrist AS Christ is one of the biggie signs, so we got THAT too.


  8. I need to read this one carefully.


  9. That Billy goat looks pretty evil to me.


  10. I don’t do the Anti-Christ thing.
    In the balance, the opposite also exists.

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  11. Lord Dampnut is self-absorbed, narcissistic, and stupider than a box of rocks. I postulate that he may be a tool for the actual Antichrist. Of course, this presupposes that my theory that the Antichrist would be devious and intelligent is true.

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  12. Where I have problems is that it is so obvious that this person lives in his own world, why does no-one stop him doing what he does. Not impeachment, but just take him out of the job. It was done once before, and it needed 5 years of war. Have we learnt nothing in the meanwhile?

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    • Apparently, we haven’t learned anything. I think the same thing. Constantly. We have international amnesia where anything that happened a generation ago “doesn’t count.” The kids don’t remember it. It was a paragraph in a history book. So we do it again and again until one day, we wear out and we do nothing anymore.

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