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Last night I watched a show — Colbert I believe — with Kirsten Dunston as the guest. There were cuts from her first interview on Johnny Carson’s show, 25 years ago which was when “Interview With A Vampire” opened. Someone in the 25-year-old clip commented it was “like a young girl caught by R. Kelly.”

So that long ago all the bigwigs in show biz knew about Kelly. All this time, no one did anything. It was so well known that it was okay to joke about it on the Carson show.

This is an authentic piece of America so well-known no one even winced when it was mentioned. And they were showing cuts from Carson’s show when Kirsten was a girl and a child star.

Now, today, we have R. Kelly telling everyone “it never happened” and it’s all “racist lies.”

R Kelly explaining he can’t read and is broke, There’s no REAL evidence and the whole thing is pure racism. He didn’t do nothin’ while he tries to hire Michael Jackson’s lawyer. Photo: CNN

I loathe how people like him use racism as their excuse for their hideous behavior. That racism even exists is bad enough, but that it is used as an excuse — and believed by many — as an excuse for some of the most egregious male behavior ever displayed.

Make no mistake: it is men. You can argue with me until the cows come home, but in the #metoo discussion, men are the predators.

Why are men the predators?


      • They are bigger than most women
      • Physically more powerful than most women
      • They have all that rampant testosterone turning their brains to mush.

I understand men were “designed” by whoever did the original design for the two sexes (Note: I think it’s time to admit that a few mistakes were made in creating that design!) so men could be aggressive enough to bring down a mastodon while women could nurture the babies.

Nonetheless, I don’t think men need to be rapists and assaulters. They didn’t have to rape the mastodons, did they? They didn’t need to become the pigs that so many have become.

I understand many men are not pigs, rapists, or assaulters. Not all men beat up their women. Or other men, or children, for that matter. But an awful lot of them do and are proud of it, too.

For reasons that escape me, they feel very brave and authentically masculine because they can beat up a woman, man, or child less than half their size. They feel especially masculine when a group of them beat the crap out of someone. Let’s hear it for the stalwart men of our world and their willingness to take no risks as they prove how brave they are.

Isn’t it humorous when the law finally gets one of these brave lads and they whine and whimper about how it so unfair? Where did all that authenticity and masculine pride go?

What audacity! What courage, nerve, daring, and boldness they display with the cameras full on them! What a bunch of spineless bullies they become.

And now, of course, Kelly is in jail, where he should have been all these years and I don’t care how well he sings. He can sing his heart out from his cubby hole in the Supermax prison of his choice. He can wail about prison conditions and blame it all on racism. He can blame everything on someone else because that’s what those valorous ones do.

Yesiree! That is authentic masculinity at its finest!

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  1. Back when he was referenced on Johnny Carson 25 years ago, what R. Kelly did was written off as “boys will be boys.” Fortunately, in the #MeToo age, that refrain no longer works.


    • It should never have been okay. Let me rephrase that: IT WAS NEVER OKAY. It never worked. It was just too many men with too much testosterone frying their brains. You get away with what “they” let you get away with, but that never made it right or okay or acceptable. You have NO idea how tired of this I am of this stuff. When I started working there were columns for “men” and “women’s” work. The only jobs I could apply for were “typist.”

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      • You’re right, it was never okay, but the “boys will be boys” excuse seemed to make it less unacceptable at the time than those same kinds of actions would be today.


  2. I had not heard of him either but it is appalling that it was not only known but publicly joked about and nobody thought that was awful or tried to do anything about it.


  3. I heard that too (yes, on the Colbert Show) and I’m glad you took it up…. And THANK YOU, a real MAN telling as it is!

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    • Sometimes I think I’m hallucinating. I KNEW I heard it and I finally realized it had to be Colbert because that’s what I was watching. It really shocked me that it was so well known SO LONG AGO and no one did anything to stop it. Horrifying.

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    • so sorry, thought it was your male friend posting – that must have been confusing for you to be named a man! 😉


    • Kiki, when you work in an environment that tolerates that kind of behavior, it’s awkward to immediately step up and do the right thing because there are “land mines” all around. That’s the way it was decades ago when I was working. Others who saw the same thing would caution me about speaking out. These are folks who you would expect to have your back or not impede you. My personal boiling point usually pushed me into action. Sometimes I was successful, sometimes not. The women usually thanked me for trying. The men frequently gave me that dirty look – like “Why are making waves?” You have a feeling of being alone — just trying to do the right thing. What usually worked for me — the internal reminder — My parents EXPECTED me to do the right thing without expecting praise. My parents behavior code has always kept me pointed the right way – even when I stumble.

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  4. Must admit I don’t know who R.Kelly is.. Will look him up.

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    • He’s a singer and a very successful one. And he has, apparently, been raping and assaulting women and girls for his entire life, but he was such a great singer, the world decided it didn’t matter what else he did.

      It is among the many things I find baffling. One of so many. I really do feel as if I’ve moved into a different reality. Some horrible parallel universe and please, whoever did this to me, SEND ME BACK. I don’t like it here.

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  5. This is a serious subject…..

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    • Yes. Among the very many serious subjects we seem to be dealing with these days. But when I caught this last night and i realized his behavior with girls and young women was considered HUMOROUS back than … it rattled me.

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      • This kind of behavior is REPREHENSIBLE – committed by John Doe or R. Kelly. It’s been going on far too long.
        It was well known within my professional world of TV News. We knew who the celebrity perps were. Some worked in our building. Few if any attempted to expose the miscreants. I think the muted voices feared loss of jobs. Lame excuse but there you go. A couple or three times, I stepped up but ran into a brick wall of suits who told me — “just do your job”.

        The public arena is more receptive now so more of these slimey guys are being outed. R. Kelly is a prime example.A big inside” joke 25 years, a sexual predator without remorse today. Kelly uses the “race card” which is unacceptable because it gives him an “out” to certain factions afraid being labelled racists. Simply unacceptable! A slimeball sexual predator is just that – regardless of skin color.

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