Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: New Photos, Any topic

I’m not always sure where black and white — also known as monochrome — ends and color begins. There are a lot of choices now that bring back some part of the original color, but not all the color or its intensity.

Four of these pictures are classic monochrome. The final one is “transparent,” tonality which uses part of the original colors but unsaturated.

Not sepia exactly. Peaches in a color closer to chocolate

The bridge over the canal in traditional black & white

Garry in classic black & white

Detailed sepia — the bench on the lawn by the river at River Bend

Transparent monochrome: Flowers along the edge of the river

Cee's Black-White


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13 replies

  1. Excellent photos, Marilyn. Love the tonality and the similar-to sepia effect. They add something special to the images. 🙂


  2. Wonderful photos for this week. Hi Garry, I see you with your camera in hand 😀


  3. I like the sepia and the monochrome. It adds a nice touch.


  4. I love it when you can get a mirror image of something in the water.


  5. I like the lonely bench


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